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It's amazing how leftists have a hard time remembering the terror that is Antifa, that has harmed many innocent civilians by minimizing their terror.  Believe it or not. You could condemn Hitler, Stalin, and Kim. All at once.  I'll remind you of the terror that is Antifa.

Here is them marching down the streets beating innocent civilians and bombing things.

Here's a more balanced video

It's amazing how when it comes to Left Wing Terrorism how so many people want to turn a blind eye to it.

And I'll share Matt's views on the situation b/c I'm in full agreement of it.

The left isn't opposed to violence. If the left was opposed to violence, then the violence of Antifa should equally be condemned.  There is no reason to throw a conniption over the statement "on many sides."  When Antifa has been a terror for months. 

Want to see more terror? Let's look at the terror of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Black Lives Matter Riot

Yes, it's important to condemn many sides.  The KKK, The Alt-Right, are disgusting horrible hate groups.  The KKK and the Alt-Right DESERVE to be hated.  But so does Antifa and BLM.   That cause chaos wherever they go.  If you condemn only one and not the other.  Then you are a problem.  That's like condemning Hitler and not Stalin.  Do we have a new generation of Stalinites?  Fidel Castro was also a monster.    Yes, all forms of hate should all be condemned.   I condemn the KKK.  The KKK is a horrible group that's done terrible things.  I condemn the Alt-Right.  The Alt-right is a terrible group, that's no better.  I condemn Antifa.  I also condemn Black Lives Matter.   To not condemn all groups that harm innocent civilians means that you favor one group.   Innocent civilians should be able to live their day to day lives in peace without being petrified out of wearing either a Trump shirt or a Hillary shirt.   I'm a black woman who lives in the deep south. A state were Donald Trump won by a landslide.  Yet, I haven't been horribly treated.  I get my groceries.  I hang out with friends.  I go to events.  Without being scared or worried that I'm going to be hurt any second.   Besides, I believe in karma.   I don't think I've built up enough bad karma to get myself attacked for any reason. 

Hashhashin puff shouldn't be mistreated b/c of his skin color.  Neither should myself.  I don't care about your skin color.  I care about who you are as a person.  Part of building a peaceful nation is acknowledging where you went wrong and working on self improvement.  "Be The Change That You'll Like to See" and all that jazz.   Yet, people seem to be hell bent of creating a Civil War.   In the end, nobody wants the other side to heal.  People just want to spread the pain.  People want to promote suffering.  It's why history is filled with blood, war, death, slaughtering people on the streets because "the other side is so horrible they deserve it" while completely ignoring problems on one's own side.  Working with the Kabbalah, I focused on healing "magic" and spreading healing.  The Qlipothic, or the Tree of Shells, is meant for spiritual.  There is no such thing as an evil spirit.  It's why black magic ALWAYS backfires.  And black magic always hurts the sender.  There's no such thing as an evil spirit.  Very few people even read what Satan's role is in Judaism.  Satan isn't God's enemy.   Everything he does is to prove to God how horrible man is by testing him.  He's god's attorney or prosecute in Judaism.   Gods of Chaos aren't evil, either.  And they're not here to do your bidding like your servant.   In the end, what goes around comes around, and Antifa, The KKK, The Alt-right, BLM, and ALL their supporters ALL deserve each other.   May dreadful people from all sides reap what they sow and get back all the malice and hatred that they send out.   For me, I believe in staying positive and having fun with my friends. 

I'm sure that left wing extremists would have plenty to say to me.  Go ahead.  All the hatred you put out only hurts yourself.  I don't give a damn.  Feel free to leave angry comments.  It's more than welcomed.  At least I'm keeping people tied here instead of being out of the streets harming people with bikelocks.  No more Antifa! No more KKK! No more Alt-right! No more BLM!   And ofc, #NotAll  there are indeed good people here like hashhashin and SIN JONES.  So, please, #NotALL  if it doesn't apply to you.  Then there's no need to get offended. 

To all the people who hate all the hate groups evenly, Have a wonderful day. 

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When you're so far right you are in complete denial about what the alt-right has done.

I am going to totally use "alt-white" from now on.

But wait, there's more!

Nah, nobody forgot it. I talk about it.

However, you're missing the rest of the story; disenfranchised Southern racist Democrats moved to the Republican party and became "conservative" because they did not like change.

Keep in mind that I have no personal bias or affinity toward anyone's opinions here. I'm not here to defend anyone. I'm just here, objectively speaking.

"disenfranchised Southern racist Democrats moved to the Republican party and became "conservative" because they did not like change."

Violence + violence = violence / violence is still violence. Who is to say what is justified, and what is not? Law and order, not public opinion.

whether it's Muslims, neo Nazis, or other left wingers, or whatever stripe. Media sewage just skews the facts, and inflames the emotional melodrama.

I think you got it backward, or something to that effect. What do you have to back that up? We got a lot of opinionated emotional gobblety g*** in here, but short on facts. But that never surprises me in the slightest.

I'll move a little later in history, and then I'll keep moving from there, but not necessarily today, with more HISTORICAL fact.

It takes more than talk. Lot's of people talk about it, but that doesn't mean they got the facts to back it up. 

That is a tired refrain, that the Southern Confederat slavers were Democrats, right up to 1964. what changed? LBJ signed the Civil Rights Bill, and the Dixiecrats jumped ship. After the Civil War, the Republicans were the Party of Reconstruction, radical social programs to elevate the former slaves... the sort of stuff Republicans today call "social engineering" and "Communism".

The Quinoa with buttery roasted veggies looks good-can you send me the recipe?

I liked this one.

I don't think I've built up enough bad karma to get myself attacked for any reason. 

If you made a serious OT post I would probably care. The reasons people don't take Fiona seriously is wholly unrelated to her being off topic on a pagan forum. (I think we have an OT forum, right?)

Neph, whatever happen to that guy?

Hello again.

I would reinterate .,
Into this debate,
The undeclared need,
To feed thine self righteosness. ...
And greed ...
To poison mine weed,
Cause and effect...,
Sown and Seed,
I should be paid for this..,
In the ink...,
On the paper,
One doth bleed.

Fuckin poetry.

Once again we manifest what we desire. Always.

That is why a true Shaman or Hermeticist strives to take the path of balance. Duality exists, and both sides of a dual have their excesses. The Right turns a community of solidarity into a festering Nationalism.  The Left turns individual freedom into destructive selfishness.

And as always, the innocent get hurt.  Don't ever think there are not forces behind the scenes that know this and are playing both sides against the middle - believe me, they are there.

Our "mission" (should you decide to accept it) is simple: walk the path of balance.  This can be stated in a simple single sentence I call "The One Law":

"You have the natural right to live as you please and do what you want so long as you never abrogate the same right to everyone else."

I was once a rabid "Objectivist" (Ayn Rand's philosophy). But when we are so close to a particular viewpoint (one side of a duality) we no longer can see other viewpoints.  Once I realized this Hermetic principle, suddenly I was able to place myself into any viewpoint or none. Until you can see both sides of a dual, you cannot walk between them.


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