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Back when I was a teen I was interested in all things occult, strange, alien, etc., so naturally, I'd buy literature dealing with these topics. Eventually, I came across two books on occultism, in particular "Magic for beginners" by J. H. Brennan and "The Black Arts" by Richard Cavendish. Both books I found to be quite interesting, and each having something useful for me.

Now the question - I came across "Magic for beginners" on Amazon the other day, and most reviews were negative, saying that it's a really weak book. "The black arts" on the other hand, I found that general opinion is positive. Anyone familiar with these two books? What's your opinion?


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I would trust the reviews the customers gave. I haven't dealt with the dark arts and dont plan on doing so i would rather take another approach to deal with any situtation. 

I wasn't asking about dealing with the dark arts, just about the two books. You see, occultism or witchcraft I no longer care about, it's some of the things described in the two books that interest me. Plus, I was curious if the books are actually serious or not.

Here is a link to a list of books on LHP ( Left Hand Path )...

But why do i need them? I was asking of opinions on these two books...

Now...if you read books on the Left Hand Path , as I offered you ,

you would not be surprised as you were by Wlhelm's statement...LOL

I really was trying to expand your knowledge base...

I figured others could answer your question about those two books...

( I tend to push people beyond their comfort bubble ,

or current sphere of awareness , to help them , Corbul )...;)

I still have a copy of The Black Arts.I can't speak to the other book.

So, I'm taking The Black Arts is good? I mean, as a book, as a source...

I would say yes.It gives introduction to various occult and magical practices.

What I like about it is it gives an account of witchcraft before the whole "witches don't believe in the Devil" started as a thing.But as with anything I suggest you compare and contrast with other sources and make your on conclusions.

wait, so witches DO believe in the devil? o_O

being a non trad-i dont believe in "the devil in the christian sense-but more of demon spirits (addictions depression) do exist.

with no criticism of you we are trying to help. some choose wicca witchcraft the left hand path and satanism.  confining yourself to two books will not lead you to where you want to go. some like traditions some hate it. its not a one size fits all. and even within all those its not the same way or done the same way. i hope this helps you understand a little better.


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