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I was chatting to this guy and was presented with the theory of the once born, meaning that some humans have not lived before and others have. He hinted that the once born often seemed a bit "childish", and never really "got" certain emotional dilemmas, and all together never really understod other people.

Do you belive in this? And if so, how about the part about the once born being "a bit primitive"? Or is it just a bit to convenient of an explanation?

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Ive never thought about it but i suppose its possible.
I believe in what you are calling "once born." Although I think age (physical age or soul age) has nothing to do with maturity. Maturity is earned by working for it and not granted by age.
I agree whole heartily. Maturity is gained through experience, hard work, and diligence. I know plenty of people older than me that i am more mature then and I know people younger than me who are more mature than me.
I think we are ALL individuals and because one is a young soul or olde does not give one a corner on wisdom one way or another or childlike behavior. I have met and known both,logically one would think around the block many times,one would get smarter,wiser,more accomadating,knowledgible,however,not always the case. I can generally tell when meeting folk,if they they are young or olde.One can learn much in one life time or little in many.
I was told of a theory once, though I have no idea of the author now, that suggested "newer" souls are not necessarily "childish" but are so...enamored of being newly physical that they are mesmerized by all things of a physical nature. These are the athletes, athletic fans, dancers, gymnasts, those who TRULY find exaltation IN the physical body. As one progresses through many incarnations, one's fascination turns away from the physical and becomes more...esoteric. The "older" a soul becomes, the more experience and then understanding is sought. The truly, TRULY "old" souls FIND understanding and enlightenment and have the option of remaining on the "higher plane" or returning to share their knowledge and understanding with others. These would, theoretically, be the battisatva's (sp) and/or avatars, enlightened ones, etc...they do service to humanity during their final incarnation before becoming "one" with the Singular Collective for the final time. It's a theory...interesting, though!
:) You are most welcome :)

Hugs from Dk
I believe that it's possible for a soul to have never incarnated before, but I don't personally believe that the phenomenon explains childish, emotionally stunted, individuals. I mean, a soul has to be created from somewhere and then go "live" right? Afterall, the very first soul had never incarnated before.

Personally, I believe that I have never been human (or incarnate as a physical being) before, but have existed (meaning the energy that is me) for too long to be able to express in words.
We can be many energies,the waves,trees,rocks,ants,horses,flowers,etc. In my Celtic belief once we attain human form,we are human form or can return to the spirit realm and remain.
See that's how I feel. I just recently posted a blog (but took it down) explaining that how I've always knew since I was achild that I was just a soul within a shell (old spirit) and that I feel I'm ready to leave the mortal realm and return to the spirit realm. I mean I'm 28 now but I'm very excited about moving forth...I really can't explain it. I'm mean if this is true, well of has to be since I feel this way but if it is true what realm will I ascend towards? or will I just form into what ever I want?
Does he mean that that have not been born before..and will not be reincarnated? Like this is their only life?

I believe that some people could certainly be in their FIRST lives, but not ONLY lives. Maybe I misunderstood the topic?
As the theory was explained to me, he meant that this was just their first life, but not only :)
It's a point of view, I suppose.
I'm ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). I definitely don't "get" many of the emotional states that neurotypicals (normal people) get into. On the other hand I've been aware of death from a very early age, and have never been afraid of it. I'm inclined to believe I've been here before.
If you want careful and considered thought on reincarnation and its implications, then the hindus and buddhists are the ones to talk to. They have writings going back thousands of years - preserved, for this length of time, for the good reason that they have something valid and interesting to say.
Saddhus - holy men who have lived lives in the world and given it up to go into spiritual retreat - tend to ignore the emotional troubles of the world. Is this "childishness"? Buddhists will tell you that samsara - this world of desire - breeds all sorts of emotions, most of which are bad news. Is this "childishness"?
Just have a good look at a child being childish. Are they emotional? Very much so.
It sounds very much as though your friend's idea is the inverse of the actual state of affairs. Those suffering from the emotional dilemmas are the childish ones. Those able to rise above it are showing more maturity. That is how I see it, anyway.


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