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I was chatting to this guy and was presented with the theory of the once born, meaning that some humans have not lived before and others have. He hinted that the once born often seemed a bit "childish", and never really "got" certain emotional dilemmas, and all together never really understod other people.

Do you belive in this? And if so, how about the part about the once born being "a bit primitive"? Or is it just a bit to convenient of an explanation?

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Virgin Souls, new souls, I was actually just contemplating this last week- funny thing, that. I believe you can find people who are new souls. I wish I knew how to study this better. What would be the best way to firstly discover who has no past lives rather than just not able to recall them? And how are we to treat someone if we knew it was their very first life?

But I have a new question to mix this up alittle. Do you believe in Last lives? Your last life before either ascension, or... whatever else.. I can do an astral projection technique right now and see several, what I call 'lost souls', outside. They are a pathetic discarnate spirit who will most likely never have another life. One who obviously blew it somehow and now they are stuck to linger in the void of the astral plane for all time, or until the One God gets rid of them. Charming thing to think about, is it not? That any of us could end up like that?
I have encountered NEW SOULS.I treat them a I do every other magical person or mundane person. i do alot of card readings for folks and can SEE the past more than the future for most.Why treat them any different??? Some NEW SOULS are new to THIS realm,as they have lived in other realms for longer times. WHAT is a LOST SOUL? In the magical realm,I dont believe any are lost,.misplaced,pherhaps?? Who is the One God? The Christian Deity? I follow the Celtic belief in the continual worries of being like that........EVER
I have never thought about it in this way. You gave me something to ponder. I look forward to reading everyones thoughts.
Mystikal Summer Starr
I have been around for a very long time, doesn't mean that I'm some great wise person.
Some of us die and are reborn with a fresh clean and clear slate and some of us pick up right where they left off. I Myself have to focus and try to find the elements that I lost (or can't remember)

The way My life has gone I can't tell if it's just the reality of the mortal realm at work or I was an asshole to someone in another life and they hexed me. Because I think this way it is My best intentions and whole heart to be a nice and kind being towards everything around me. Even if I decide to go hunting you best bet I'm going to kneel and kiss the very life I took and say "thank you" so I can feed My family. So Karma plays HUGE part with everything.

One thing I told Myself and I think this is what we need to do. No matter if your a new soul or old, always remind yourself to remember. Remember everything, because if you do, you are one step closer towards a higher existence. Unless you know someone who has a drinking spot for immortality LOL please do tell!

EX: SAY! you live a hard life and you want to be a really rich person. You don't want to live hard anymore. Focus on that, focus focus, focus you really want it. You put all your time, effort and money into it and suddenly BLAM! get shot, slug to the chest, someone robs you. robs you of your wallet, your own life and your future of the life you wanted so badly to have.

...SHIT! now what??????????????????????? sometimes I hear when a person dies in anger, they stay in anger. They get lost in it because that's all they "remember" because that's the very last thing that they experienced. If that's true if you still focus even at your last dying breath, I feel you will continue with the same thought pattern in the next.

I mean....why not right? or is that too complicating?


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