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I am of the Raven clan. I follow The Morrigan. I am a Witch. And I have an online coven for solitary practitioners to have a community. When I envisioned this, I wanted it to be eclectic, like I am. I started out as a traditional Irish Witch, the son and grandson of traditional Irish Witches. But I've studied a lot of schools of Magick over the years. And I have interest in learning more. So we have everything from Witches to Ceremonial Magickians, Voodoo practitioners to Satanists, Wiccans to Chaos Mages. The purpose of the coven is for an eclectic group of solitary practitioners, Witches and Magick users, to share a community, learn and teach, share experiences, agree upon and act on common goals, observe pagan holidays, compile a Book of Shadows, help and heal each other... to be in a coven as much like a real world coven as possible. Maybe you are interested. If so, PLEASE PM ME and let's talk. You may add me if you wish, I will accept all friends right now.

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We are intentionally eclectic, and learn from each other's paths... We still share experiences and knowledge. There are more traditional Witches than anything in the coven, but most all are welcome. We seem to manage very well together.

Sorry, I must have misunderstood your question. There is no general consensus, really, but differing attitudes with respect to others. We practice with each other by offering classes, and those not interested need not join. We observe the pagan holidays and if someone is not into that, they do not need to take part.

Question :

What is Black Math ?

All else in your profile , I am familiar with...

I do not value Donald's work much , as I have found him to be incorrect ,

though he was relatively pleasant , when I met him at the trade show in

New York , in 2002 , I believe...

Lon , I value , greatly...his command of Enochian , and the calls , is most

profound...Crowley , was one of my tradition's students , and he awoke

to the secret , when he was told he revealed it in the "Book Of Lies"...

Your book selection , is a good one...overall...

Where is Robert Anton Wilson , in your fiction choices ?


So...are you aware of the code , and that Ninety Three , spelled out equals 455 ?

Which equals Telluric Current , Raven Magieck , and more ?

Much more...;)

Or that our mother's column of symbols , equals 603 , and

fit together , makes the shape of the human body , and

adds up in the code to "Holy Guardian Angel" ?

I was initiated directly , by "Faery" , so I am not bound to secrecy...;)

I respect you highly for your time with the Hopi...

I lived in the mountains of southern Arizona for years...

Were you in Hotevilla ?

Did you ever meet Grandfather David , before he passed ?

There is a very important reason , you use the stick to plant corn ,

is there not ?

An inquiring mind wants to know...Thanks...:)


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