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Some people think the friends on line aren't Real friends. That they don't care about you really. But today I was going through a really bad day, and my P.S. friends were what pulled me through. I was just wondering if other members had had this kind of experience.

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I am grateful as well!! I tell you what, I was at the pits bottom, (I think thus far in this life) and Crystal Raven, TreeWitch, and Destiny Fae, just to name a few, jumped right in and lifted me up!!! It is just enough to give you a push when somebody takes the time to give someone they never met but can relate to a few words of encouragement and an ounce of understanding! I have gained some of my self respect, dignity, and worthyness from people I have never met that took the time to to say some kind words. Everyone has had their own encounters and have their own oppinions.....This is just mine.

Brightest Blessings,


WTF? I travel ALL over.I have met Pagan Space friends in Scotland,Ireland,Puerto Rico,Chicago,Wash DC,Minnesota,fucking A ,we are real as we get. The Pagan Space friends are the best!!!
And many,many more.........
Love the pic!!!
Stephabie S,BWITCH and me,but I looked pissed for some reason..LOL
perhaps a lack of wine?
Aye,early in the day.SPEAKING of meeting folks,anyone at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games JULY 7-10,PLEASE come visit me at the clan Gordon encampment.....We'll be there July 4-11....


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