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Given the legality issues of the mushroom thread- I figured I'd start this thread to discuss *other* (legal) methods of altering ones mind- as well as to discuss the reasons *for* altering ones mind in the first place...

There are various methods one can use to achieve an altered state of mind- here are just a few:

* Meditation

* Inhibitory or excitory trance induction

* Pain (from subtle such as a dull thudding from self flagellation to severe- such as being hung from ones flesh by hooks for hours/days on end...)

* Withholding of food/drink

* Sleep deprivation

There are MANY ways to alter ones mind... (Feel free to throw in some of your own favorites or those more obscure practices that you may be familiar with- directly or just having heard about...)

Now comes the question- WHY would one desire to alter their mind? Well- have you ever had a situation where something generated an inappropriate response for the time/occasion? Such as- your child spills juice on the carpet and you *want* to scream- but you know they didn't mean to- so you bite your tongue and put on the "it's ok- let's clean it up together" face? Or perhaps when the office whore is chatting up your husband or significant other at the office Giftmas party and you *want* to rip her throat out, but you know your boss is circulating- so you put on the professional face, put on the big girl panties and deal? Those are two very good mundane reasons. How about some magic ones? Well- ok- first of all, we have meditation. Why do we meditate? For calm/peace/stress relief? Isn't that altering our mind? Yeah- it is ;) How do we work effective magic? Do we just light a candle, say a few words and BAM- there you have your spell? No. For effective magic- we need a trance state to manipulate the energies effectively. Our conscious minds don't "get" magic- so we have to delve under the surface of our consciousness (and keep it occupied) long enough to get the subconscious to do what it needs to do to fire off the magic.

OK- I think that's good for now- I'm gonna go alter my mind with some caffeine now ;)

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I'm off to bed but I'll definitely answer when i get up (it's nearly morning now...) - goodnight!
I think my subconscious was just dwelling on that one a bit too much- slid right out of my conscious mind... ;)
I was going to mention caffeine, then I read your last line. :)

Some legal plants include morning glory seeds, yohimbe, kava kava, salvia divinorum (is that still legal?), and well I can't think of any others on account of another favorite plant of mine. ;)
Mugwort is usually used for increasing psychic awareness/sensitivity.
Do you know of any ways to make mugwort actually taste ok? There's only so much honey one can use-..... Anything decent to mix it with, or....? I love the *effects* of mugwort- but the taste....... *makes icky face* ;)
PS to Solstice I want to thank you for starting this thread. These methods of naturally inducing Altered Spiritual Awareness are in my mind, Healthier, and more fulfilling.
I know for certain that most Cultures teach these methods prior to inducing Altered States through Chemicals. Getting there without the Chemicals is a benchmark that advances you to the levels that the chemicals start coming into training.
:) No problem. I agree- getting there without the chemicals is important- and should be the foundation that one builds before venturing into things via any other method. Doing so builds the foundation for the control necessary to be safe along whatever journey they undergo and gives them the skills so they don't come to rely on said substances as crutches or shortcuts but rather allows them to experience them as merely different vehicles.

I'm not a fan of substance use (I could care less one way or the other personally) and certainly not a fan of their abuse- but I DO feel that such is the right and choice of each individual and it's something that others have no business making judgements regarding.
I've never tried it and I forget how they were supposed to be prepared and ingested. I read it in a book about a variety of different plants used to alter consciousness for different effects. I'm not sure whatever happened to that book.
Clove cigarettes ? I get a buzz kinda .
I like that better. :)
Yes- but that takes too long to type LOL ;) In the time it takes to type out "experiencing as much of the full spectrum of consciousness that is available to us through various means, be they chemical, biological, psychic, or 'other'." I coulda brewed a new pot of coffee to alter my mind with a little more ;)


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