Given the legality issues of the mushroom thread- I figured I'd start this thread to discuss *other* (legal) methods of altering ones mind- as well as to discuss the reasons *for* altering ones mind in the first place...

There are various methods one can use to achieve an altered state of mind- here are just a few:

* Meditation

* Inhibitory or excitory trance induction

* Pain (from subtle such as a dull thudding from self flagellation to severe- such as being hung from ones flesh by hooks for hours/days on end...)

* Withholding of food/drink

* Sleep deprivation

There are MANY ways to alter ones mind... (Feel free to throw in some of your own favorites or those more obscure practices that you may be familiar with- directly or just having heard about...)

Now comes the question- WHY would one desire to alter their mind? Well- have you ever had a situation where something generated an inappropriate response for the time/occasion? Such as- your child spills juice on the carpet and you *want* to scream- but you know they didn't mean to- so you bite your tongue and put on the "it's ok- let's clean it up together" face? Or perhaps when the office whore is chatting up your husband or significant other at the office Giftmas party and you *want* to rip her throat out, but you know your boss is circulating- so you put on the professional face, put on the big girl panties and deal? Those are two very good mundane reasons. How about some magic ones? Well- ok- first of all, we have meditation. Why do we meditate? For calm/peace/stress relief? Isn't that altering our mind? Yeah- it is ;) How do we work effective magic? Do we just light a candle, say a few words and BAM- there you have your spell? No. For effective magic- we need a trance state to manipulate the energies effectively. Our conscious minds don't "get" magic- so we have to delve under the surface of our consciousness (and keep it occupied) long enough to get the subconscious to do what it needs to do to fire off the magic.

OK- I think that's good for now- I'm gonna go alter my mind with some caffeine now ;)

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When you focus that intention- what methods do you use, how long does it take you, etc.?

Altered states can be naturally or artificially induced- naturally via inhibitory or excitory methods, or artificially by use of various substances. If you've ever engaged in ecstatic dance during ritual- that is a naturally induced trance state via an excitory method.

You control in the same way you do with anything else- with intent, practice and building from a solid foundation. :)
OK couldn’t sleep! Science geek went into overdrive. Perused my books and found a blip on altered states – Beta – normal wakefulness - cycles brain waves at 13-18 cycles per second; Alpha – light meditation at 7-13 cycles. So if I’m floating at say 11-15 cycles as a natural state of being then that would explain some of it – kinda like being on the cusp between two states – which is likely b/c I’ve keep a Taoist/Buddhist type mindset as a natural state of being b/c it just makes life so must easier for me having to deal.

Focused attention could be intent, determination as in focused visualization of safety & protection tenured in an amulet or a binding cord or containment within a glass jar or positioning of a mirror to reflect bad energy back to the sender. But these rituals take less than 30 min or so; binding taking the longest b/c I view it as inhibiting for the other which may be construed as fudging that line of harm none. I do it as ritual of last resort. And yes, like Casundara, I sometimes use tarot cards to aid in focusing intent.

Floating in that in-between cycle may be why I’m able to pick up on the ki of “be here NOW” since the main tenement of Taoist/Buddhist is being present in the moment, which I’ve been doing for 20 yrs. It’s kinda like reading a map- I do it and don’t even realize I’m doing it –auto pilot – go figure.

For several years I did "drug" magick and it worked very well for me for many years until I became chaotic and destructive , both to myself everyone and everything . I performed many spells with the direct intent and usual result being harm , chaos , and destruction . My wife being the only one who could control my erratic castings .
It has taken some time to recenter myself . My casting caused myself and many in my life harm in many aspects .
Now I rely a little more on meditation , I no longer do drugs so thier is no more induced craft . I have also done the "point and shoot" approach as well . I feel that either can be effective as long as one truly believes in what they are doing .
It could also be that you are in an altered state without realizing it :) I mean, watching television induces a light trance state- it's not like I'm talking about a possessed or 'checked out' state when I say 'trance' or 'altered state' :)

I'd say if you were raising energy- that would likely be an altered state- I've never heard of anyone doing that effectively in the same mindset they're in while, say, sitting in their office working or whatnot ;)
Depends on the person I guess. ;) I'd say it's like any skill though- achieving the state, raising the energy and being able to flip that switch between "mundane" and "magical" consciousness. :) At some point it becomes second nature.
Of the same mind Tamarah :)
Well- it's all part of ones life- certainly- but the difference I see between the mundane and the magical is akin to the sort of differences I see between seeing something with my eyes and tasting it with my tongue... It's all part of my experience, my senses- but those senses are different. Or- the difference between breathing and digesting... It's just different 'systems' being utilized. Normal- absolutely- but I'd no more call bill paying 'magical' than I'd call a shower taking a shit ;) All part of daily living- just different facets *of* it..... ;)
Awww :) Have fun with them! :) A day at the park sounds wonderful! It's a bit cold here, but I can dream! :)
Here's a question: was the following some kind of magic or just coincidence?

Eleven years ago I read a book about a course and wanted to go on it. The course was over $1200 incuding travel and I was a single mum (I had a boyfriend but he didn't live with me - his wages however, with the full knowlede and permission of the bank, were paid into my account because he didn't have one). I was on state benefits and had no spare money whatsoever but I really wanted to be on this course and there was only just over a month until it started. So, I looked up into the sky and I challengd the universe, asking it to provide the money if I was right about this course being so important for me to attend. Two weeks later i got a letter from my bank asking if I wanted to borrow up to £5000 (over $10,000). I phoned them to explain i was on benefits so this must be a mistake but after confirming that my circumstances hadn't changed for three months was told I could take the loan. I took £3500 and booked myself on the course. I spent the rest of the money on new furniture etc. When I came back from the course I realised i should have bought the bottles (it was an aura-soma course and the bottles you need in order to practise cost £1250) and I also needed to attend a second course before I could get insured, yet now i was in a worse position than before because i had the loan to pay back (with help from my boyfriend as he planned to move in) and the same limited funds.
So, feeling not quite as confident as before but knowing I had to be there, i asked the universe again for the money for the second course (let me add here that the bank's policy for second loans is that you have to have made three payments ON TIME on the first loan before they will give you another yet i had made only ONE and it was two months late...) and, yet again, i got a letter from my bank offering me up to £7500. I checked at my local branch and my manager told me it must have been a mistake, given my non-payment, and went off to phone the loan dept (it's separate). He came back looking slightly miffed and gave me my cash and closed my account that day. Needless to say i never paid any of it back as I split up with my partner and had no way to do so and they couldn't take it from my account because they had closed it. They didn't even start court proceedings to claim it back and, after banking with another bank they owned for a few years that bank was closed and my account was taken over by the original bank - and I'm still banking with them now!

I wasn't in any kind of trance state when i asked - there wasn't even a spell - so how did that work out? Can that be coincidence? If not then what can it be besides magic?
But isn't manifestation magic to you? Or is the magic the act of a conscious ritual or spell? Surely the magic is the change you create at will?
I'd say that someone/something was looking out for you and decided to do something nice for you. Call it "divine intervention", your spirit guide giving you a hand- or whatnot. I wouldn't call it magic- I *would* probably call it metaphysical intervention though :)
Well, it was whole lot easier than a spell and involved no trance work, yet i got exactly what i wanted... how about this one then?

My first spell was just a candle and tarot card love spell, mainly copied from a book, but with some additions (specific traits i wanted the man to have) and no trance-wrok involved. That night I met my current partner and we are stil together now (nearly nine years later). The interesting thing is that when i went out that night (to a club) I took ecstacy and completely forgot about the spell - even until the next day when i saw the candle holder and tarot card out on the side (I didn't even use an altar!). So i wasn't in a trance when i performed it but I was later on that night and i honestly didn't think about it once (I had never imagined it would work so quickly so i wasn't planning on meeting anyone).
Was that magic then?


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