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i thought this was interesting...

Wow.  I blame Twilight.  Just like I blamed the vampire fetish on Anne Rice's stories-become-movies.  I don't blame kids for wanting to be interesting, unique, or attention getting, I just think Hollywood glamorizes their characters way to much OFF screen.

All the Therians I know were claiming to be Therians before Twilight.

My coming to terms of being therian came Long before that crap

Yup before twilight and before i even knew what a therian was i was wolf in soul and i just knew what it was. then i found the word for it.

I knew folks that identified as having an animal soul back in the 80's, though the 'Therian' term is fairly new to my knowledge.  These weren't kids either, they were grown adults.

It does seem many identify with a Wolf... the term Otherkin wasnt around till the 80's either,if I remember...

The oldest magical practices involved animals. The first gods were animals, had animal heads, and features. I don't imagine I really need to say that. But to me that suggests that identifying oneself with an animal spiritually would be a valid magical path. So I'm cool with Therianthropy.

Its harder to deal with with Otherkin as a whole. It requires belief in things like fairies (in some form or another) or elves. But if a person is willing to make the leap, then what is really the problem?

I've known a bunch of Therians and Otherkin. Some older, some younger people. For me, I've always seen it as a way of breaking through the rational boundaries that we erect in our lives as functional people. Maybe that does seem like mental illness. But then, what's healthy about walling away part of your personality? If a person can find a safe outlet for something they can't normally express, is that really worthy or ridicule?

Yes - I've heard that some of this comes from the fact that people have bonded with animals in various ways. 

Added to this is trendy things like plastic Shamanism and people trying to emulate "The Old Wayz!" by claiming to have animal souls.  I'd say this is all part of the New Age Movement.

I find it really amazing to hear that other people are discovering the inner animal within themselves. My question is how come no one can has come forth to talk about their inner spiritual connection with plants? Some people feel they have a close connection to the green world yet there are no otherkin that feel they are trees or flowers? I don't feel the same as those who claim to have the inner spiritual craving as wolves or cats or other animals. Now because I have no memory of being a animal in a previous life so, could I have been a single celled an amoeba or maybe a flesh eating virus? Would single celled organisms have a soul? Would that make me just otherkin? I'm pondering.


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