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Otherkin Alliance

Therianthropy on Wiki

Therianthropy on Wikia

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We Are Otherkin on Youtube


Otherkin goes Mainstream

American Psychiatric Association



Otherkin - I don't believe it!

Otherkin - What are they?

Otherkin - Fae/Otherkin what do you think?

Otherkin - Any on PS?

Human or not so human?

Are you Otherkin?

Questions about Otherkin


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There's a definite understanding within Otherkinism that separates the wheat from the chaff

Cause for much debate.  You should check out Tumblr sometime.  HILARIOUS debates had there.

I don't doubt =)

Someone ...told me to post that senator graham is going missing:-) queer poss true

which means what exactly to the tune of Otherkin?

I think the vast majority of the normal animal people are just seeing the nahuallis. I have no opinion on other claims, however. The demon and gods ones, etc. Claims of being a god, certainly go back further than the otherkin movement.


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