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a very good friend of mine and i have both been involved in the craft for many, many years. we began our journey together and have been there for each other ever since whenever the other needs something. recently, we've discussed maybe doing a bonding ritual to bond ourselves together as pagan brother/sister.

i was wondering if anyone out there has done anything similar and, if so, what kind of ritual did you do?

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we're sorta drawing a blank and would love some input/ideas!
haha, that's a good idea and all, except i get sorta faint at the sight of blood that isn't my own. blood and spit that isn't my own blood and spit make my stomach churn.
Blood will seal the deal. Also a tatoo will work well too.
ok, thats interesting about the tatoo. My boyfriend who passed on had the screen name Raven Heart. I got a tatoo on my back much larger then i expected & did not expect it to be like his screen name.
Perhpas you could adapt some sort of initiation ritual and think of your partnership as the core of a coven (one that may never rise above two members)?
You took the words right out of my mouth, Amethyst! I am HIV+ and I can tell you - these days sharing blood is NOT the thing to do! What I would recommend is this: Get a long, red piece of ribbon to symbolize blood. Clasp hands as you would for a blood bonding ceremony, then wrap the ribbon around your two hands and perform whatever ceremony you like while joined.
is there any particle ceremonial words or vows to be said while doing the blood bonding ceremony?
You and your friend should make one of your own using symbolism special to your friendship. What makes you friends? Use whatever it is to make the bond official with your own ritual.
Sit in a comfortable position in front of a table with your elbows
resting on the table top and your palms up

Have the person to be bonded with you sit on the other side of the
table. have him rest his arm on yours in a comfortable position.

You must BOTH be completely relaxed and at ease. If either of you is
tense or nervous this will not work.

Speak,"Now I want you to close your eyes and inhale deeply."(pause for
a moment) "Now slowly exhale and release all the tension in your body."

Must be done by BOTH.

repetitions total is recommended but go with your
feelings. a simple phrase such as "again" will suffice for the 2nd and 3rd

Speak,"Now open your eyes and look into mine." (Do a "reading" of the
bondee using whatever technique is familiar with you.)

This is the most difficult part of the entire ritual. All of us have
natural shields trust is a 2 way street. you must CONSCIOUSLY lower your own
shields BEFORE you can expect them to do the same for you.

Speak,"We are 2 souls,2 minds, traveling down life's road. It has come
to us to be closer than most. Allow me to travel with you as I allow you to
travel with me. mind,body,soul, all are as one. We are 2 souls destined to act
as oone. travel with me be my guide as I shall be yours. Let us not be two but
one reflection of another one mind,two souls, moving closer,ever closer never
to part, We are 2 acting as one. allow your natural shields to lower as I
allow mine to go down for you. etc...

The words here are not the important thing you will find as you get into
the "spirit" of this ritual that it will NEVER be exactly the same twice.

It is unfortunate but true that the only way a TRUE bonding will hold is
if BOTH of the parties literally FORCE their way through the others shields.
This may seem unethical maybe even unmoral to some but remember this ritual
CANNOT be used on any but the most willing.

When you have gone as far as you feel is safe/productive there need to
be a definite ending the age old words "SO MOTE IT BE" I have found effective
however feel free to use your own once again it's not the words that matter
but the technique.

I did this bonding with a very good friend of mine many years ago.

Whatever you decided to do, I hope you both have peace.

Brightest Blessings :)
I think a ritual to initiate a coven between you two would be wonderful, meaningful, and appropriate. I have always been a solitary practioner, unlil I met Sage. We share a romantic relationship yes, but we have also become our own coven. It has worked well for us.
Bonding anything is a concerning matter that has long down the road consequences..and after-effects.
Many who "Bond/Bind" for whatever reason, often forget that there always comes a time when a seperation becomes it within a Magickal Tool, item, Spirit/Entity or person, and the slap back can have some devastating effects....natural and unatural.

What may seem a good idea at the moment - needs careful consideration and a good bit of poking arround in the Future play-out.
I have only ever experienced bonding to something Once - a lesson well learned and not to be repeated...and I have certainly spent far more times guiding and assisting others to "Break away or get out of the Deal" because things just did not play out the way it was imagined...

You request brought to mind the last similiar incident where I helped a group of young girls seperate from their childhood "Bond" in magicke - the process was complicated and involved - Three girls, now women - all seeking to move along their Paths, but being thawarted at stages because they no longer flowed as One.
Bonding/Binding is about that aspect - joining together two different concepts, Natures, Elements, sexes etc...each with a unique style, thinking, action, personality and so forth to become a United Force as One. Then naturally as the concepts of Life, Growth, Changes, Paths, Skills, and Abilities - and many more that can be listed, flows through the neutrality of the Bond/Bind, which fluxes, and wavers at each challenge.

The incident with these three girls (now Women) begain to take a toil on their lives, none of them had concidered the future consequences...all had thought it was a great concept and brilliant idea, and each had bonded by blood, making it then one of the hardest to segregate further down the road.
A Blood Bond is marked in Time for ever - through Deathe it will still continue to flow, and at the very least can only ever be segregated by an agreeance with the Great Ones - often at a severe cost.

The fact that these Three did in innocent action - served them - the fact that you will be doing it in a acknowledge action will Bind you forever always, and throughout Infinity. Nothing will EVER break that Bond not even Deathe....and as the Spirits become reborn, whatever the new personality becomes - it will NOT always be that of the Friend you know of now.

The Ritual itself to break in parts the bonding/binding of the Three Women took well over Three hours, as each stage had to be reversed and cut...that being reliant on memories and actions..and a few scripted notes associated at the time, to the original event. Even now - if for any reason the Three make any version of a Pact again, that Blood Bond will snap sharply together, and hold them in place for ever.
They will alwasy have to be very careful on what they choose to do in Ritual, and/or Spell work, they must always remain fully aware that if at any time they indicate a conscious effort to re-unite a "Sisters", they do so with fair warning - and a deep understanding of the Future consequences - for which no-one will be able to assist them with.

The reason for this eventual break - each personality interefered with the other personalities, so the unit was always experiencing the action of the individual in their weakest moment..
When one had boyfriend troubles, it wasn't long before the other two were experiencing the same gains and losses; car troubles; housing; jobs; family ups and downs; injuries...even if two worked to balance the third - it was often VERY hard going and very physically, mentally and Spiritually exhausting.
Magickal actions became fractured when One party showed dis-interest, or chose not to follow the course - spells became disorientated when opinions differed...and so forth.

The Nature of the individual at many times needed to be totally and without question cloned to the exact Nature of the other two...for as they grew from child/teenager to adult...the implications and strengths/weaknesses of their actions grew or faltered. This in itself became concerning and sometimes scary...especially if they got themselves into a situation where two would be strong and the third weak or indifferent...
Then when one of them begain to loose interest, and wanted a change of Path/Scenery....didn't want to play so to speak....the other two found it hard to start a process where it might become even partially effective. That in itself would leave wide "holes" in the process, and sometimes a wasteful weak result, that still impacted the Cosmic Ma'at.

Finally there came a time when all Three wanted different outlooks, changes in their Path, changes in interest...One wanted to work with Healing and Herbs; another seeked the Solitary Shaman, and the third just wanted to have a passing interest when and where it suited them.

The Bond/Bind that they had created many years before was not going to have any of that - and so there became a wilde struggle between the Spiritual; magickal end, and the physical Will and Intent.
The argument for a Balance was on thin ice so to speak, Harmony and Co-operation was shot; and an almost deep saddness and bewilderment had begun to seep in...complicated by the everyday events that super imposed many of the desperate actions and feelings into chaotic applications, that often overid any good intentions or actions..

The desire to remain friends became challenged as each begain to find fault with the other, and those stronger would overide those weaker.

A good picture to this is the Three Witches that shared an Eye...each had a need - to SEE, but only One out of the Three would ever have that privilidge, the other Two would have to wait in line, and favouritism. If you transmute the Eye to being the Spirit that you are Binding in with the Dual Nature of each uniting that through the Personal Bond...the sharing becomes fragile at many levels, and the fight to be "First" takes presidence.

Spirit is so very important to each of us as an Individual interaction, and singular existence within our human relationships. It is important because Spirit is part of our individual Nature — it makes up who and what we are in a singular aspect..... we are EACH special because the Spirit we unit with is for us and us alone.
It allows us to sense and be aware of things; to sense danger, darkness, good, sad and happy times etc. The physical body has the sense of touch on the physical level, our Spirit is our sixth sense, by which we are able to perceive the world around us on a very individual Spiritual level.

When One Bonds and Binds that individuality to another or more than one....then it becomes a complicated interaction...almost a Clone that is neither you as the individual or You as the "Bonded" two/three... where marked loss of some identity occurs, and parts of the "special individual" magicke also becomes dormant or deflected.

At the time of Spiritual Binding, you must ALWAYS continue to interact between yourself and the other person with whom you are Bonding.
This eventually and continuously allows EACH person time to sense the actual Bonding, and to allow the Bonding to then grow and become strong.
Then, when BOTH persons have accepted the Bonding in it's full entirity, then BOTH of their Spirits are held together forever, and merged as collective Force...that HAS TO BE maintained.
It is then at times when there becomes (naturally so) an allowance of the wrong kind of emotions to enter your thinking, such as mistrust, envy, jealousy, egotism, vanity and self pride...a long list that soon begins to formulate, and allows to dominate your feelings and the way you may think, that the Seal which holds the two Spirits together begins to flux and distort...result - causing the other to experience..BUT not always have control.

The Bond of Parent to Child is a Blood Born Bond - and yet it is never indefinant - the child grows and seperates, and in some cases the Bond becomes weakened oir strengthened.. BUT the Two ALWAYS remain individual and independant.

The Bond of Soul Mates is born from a beginning and each journeys through the layers of Time - crossing Paths and re-discovering - the Physical always changing the Spiritual never wavering. It is the Spirit within that will recognise the other Spirit first, and then the physical attraction steps in. Eventually Deathe steps in, and once again the Time journey will begin rejoining when the Two Spirits meet again.

The Bond of Marriage is the Unity of Two that find compatability and a depth of emotion, sexual attraction etc that offers them a purpose and reason to choose to stay together. This Bond is a manipulative version that can be ceased when the circumstances or feelings change.

The Bond of Friendship - is an action that mimics the above all three, and can be as solid as any desires it to be or as deceptive as an illusion which undertakes all the elements of change, growth, personality and senses. This type of unity often continues to grow best when kept within the Individual it harmonizes far more when EACH retains their own Magicke and Spirit....

A Blood Bond/Bind is considered to be one of the most Sacred of all Spiritual actions...starting with the infusing of One's Blood to another (Nowdays a harsh and risky adventure - not openly advised).
Then there is the drinking of another's Blood in the actual rather than Ritual aspect (again a dangerous risky adventure not openly advised).

For Females, there is the united act of Menstrual Blood - both have to be timed perfectly, but that too has it's risks...and Menstrual Blood carries other harmful aspects that can be life threatening.
In a Menstral Bonding - there a a variety of ways - the Menstral Blood has to run down the inner thighs in unison to pool onto a united object that has been created by both in unison.
Another aspect is to take the menstrual Blood and mark each other at the Solar Plexes - a design that symbolises that Bonding. As with below - the Blood can be used to mark an object, place, or Nature serving plant/tool....and in turn it will have the sympathetic power to be called on and increase that Elemental aspect.

That then leaves the animation of objects - created specifically for the purpose, with each action, time, date, Elemental interaction and so forth carefully recorded. The objects can then carry the Blood Bond and part Spirit of each - they have to be made cloned and exact - each working the other's at stages, almost like a Poppett. Then through final Ritual and Ceremony, the Blood Bond and Spirit Binding is undertaken and each holds the other's for Life.
That too will have long term effects and consequences...tghe same argyument as with any Binding....and much harder to undo as you both with into the process with open eyed willingness, and Intent.
You BOTH must be SURE this is what you want to do, because it cannot be truly undone if you tire of each other for any reason - and what seperation does occur will carry consequences....

In other Traditions there is the smearing of the individual's Blood onto a Tree or Stone, which is then held sacred....the Tree grows and so the Bond grows - the Tree sickens or dies, the Bond becomes sick or dies, and so forth. With the Stone it is harder - as the stone wears or cracks, thus the Bond carries the same dilemas. If the Stone/Tree is emersed in water or carried away - thus the Bond experiences the same effects.

Then there is the lighter of the all of them - still as potent but has a release factor in some parts...
A Blood Promise:>>
This is sworn between two living "Namegivers" who agree to perform magickal services for each other - to be there for eachother as you have already been doing so far.
Each must make a cut on your forehead and over your heart, and wipe it off with your hands (left hand for forehead, right hand for chest). Facing each other and pressing your hands together so that the blood mixes, you each state your name and the promises to be made (the form should be as precise to one another's wording as possible, and describe the deeds to be done as best as possible.)
This means that VERY careful consideration to what is possible, what is acceptable can be thrashed out beforehand, agreed and written prior to the Ritual. That way BOTH are in agreeance and unison with what is possible etc.
The length of time in which each has to fulfill this "promise', can be restricted up to a Year and a Day, must also be included in the verbal Oath. A single talent or skill mentioned in the promise will be then greatly enhanced by the Power of the Oath.
If the Blood Promise is ever broken during that time, the Oathbreaker does not heal the damage taken to swear the Oath, and/or also if by not fulfilling the Oath in the time set occurs, that too will count as a Breaking the Oath - and release both parties with just some Spiritual consequences.
The advantage of the Blood Promise is that the Power of the Blood is used, however it is not physically mingled through a joining of cuts, only the joining of the hands, and can be washed away...The Promise to each can start as a simple guiding factor, which can then be extended as each grows confident of the other... Equally so - you are only held to the Blood Promise for as long as you set a Time restraint - no more than a Year and a Day.
A good part of the Blood Promise will have something similiar to the below included in the Text - of which you EACH recite in turn:>

"As the Sun rises each day, I shall think of you.
As the stars shine each night, so shall you be constantly in my thoughts.
As Night follows Day, so closely shall we share our separate thoughts.
I shall know you as completely as you shall know me.
This I swear to you.

As the blood of my Heart touches yours, so shall I touch your feelings.
As your Heart beats against my hand, so shall your feelings touch mine.
My loyalty shall be yours.
My courage shall be yours.
The strength of my Heart shall flow through your veins,
When there is need, I shall be strong for both of us.
This I swear to you.
We are blood sworn."

In the end it is like all aspects of Magicke and Ritual - once asked about and understood - having taken in all the varies aspects, heard the proes and cons; thought long and hard about - and then still choosing to commit too - you do so in full awareness and agreeance...and Bind yourself to the Spirits and Great Ones by that acceptance...

This is so true! I did a binding spell a couple pf yrs ago. And now regret it.


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