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Hi everyone! I received the following on a bulletin on Myspace this morning and thought I would share it here:

Hello, My name is Ashley. I work at Hot Topic, store number 286, in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I am writing today to ask for your support in having Hot Topic's policies changed around, especially the one that is currently allowing me, a practicing Pagan, to be singled out.

Hot Topic does not tolerate pentagrams, calling them Satanic. I have been forbidden to wear mine during work hours, having been told Witchcraft is not a religion that Hot Topic recognizes. A manager has decided that she cannot work with me, due to my religious choices, and now is attempting to have me fired.

I have been "written up" and sat down twice, once by her and once by the store manager, because of a conversation involving three other people about drugs, WHILE THE STORE WAS CLOSED, and because I answered the manager's questions about another associate's missed time. No one else was punished for the drug conversation. I work in a store full of practicioners of other beliefs. The manager trying to get me fired is always covered in Christian jewelry and keychains. I am denied any of my own religious wear.

I wrote to the A.C.L.U. last night, and am currently awaiting a response.

During this time, I am asking that everyone repost. I am not the only Pagan being punished. Every time someone wearing a pentagram walks in, the manager trying to get me fired talks badly about them when they leave.

My mother comes in in her jewelry, and I have to wonder, what is said then?

Together, as a community, we can make a difference. Pagans make up 80% of our sales, and if we stop shopping there, they will have to make a change. I am already petitioning to have this change brought about, by calling the A.C.L.U..

Pass this around. Religious persecution was supposed to have died with the witch trials.

Don't let this store, the only place these kids have to go, continue to push us away!

Ashley ( )
Employee at Hot Topic store number 286,
Marley Station Mall
Glen Burnie, Maryland

I'm currently waitng for a response from this individual and may try to organize a protest at as many Hot Topic stores as possible.

Your comments on this matter are welcome! Please feel free to repost on your Myspace page or any other sites you belong to!

Thanks and BB )O(

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I'm in. There's a Hot Topic 45 minutes from where I live. I shop there quite a bit. So do alot of my friends.
Count me in too,I spend ALOT of money at Hot Topic!
I'd call an attorney and the labor board. And, I boycott hot topic anyway, I can't fit into a damn thing they carry...LOL
sounds very much they are discriminating against you and all pagans .Didnt think it was like that in America ...very backwards thinking ......hope you get support from the place you contacted.B.B.
Thanks everyone! I'll keep you updated on the status of things and if/when there will be a protest.

This discrimination did not happen to me, but I am in contact with the individual who did experience it. I just feel very strongly about the issue, you know....freedom of religion means any religion.

I don't watch South Park usually....but I did see that episode! lol!
Look up company policy on this. Most chains have a rule against displaying anything that would denote personal faith while on the floor.

Hot Topic should have an HR department, talk to them about this. Also you should be able to contact your bosses, boss. Let that person know what you're experiencing. Chances are if your manager is badmouthing customers within earshot of other customers... well that looks really bad to customers regardless of what their personal beliefs are, and I bet dollars to dougnuts that the folks who run Hot Topic don't want that kind of impression. Especially since while they aren't a pagan shop, they cater to that demographic.
That sounds like a good idea. It doesn't sound like the discrimination is company-wide, sounds like a dumb manager.
For clarification....I am not Ashley. Well I am, but I am not this Ashley who experienced this discrimination.

I will, however, send you a friend request from me :) Thanks for reposting!

Once again...I am not the individual who experienced this!
No problem :)
im so glad i dont shop there....
but .....
dont they SELL pentacles???
yes!!!! that's the hypocrisy!!! lol!


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