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So, I got some Big City occult stores pissed off at me for calling them out on how they are exploiting their Pagan clientele! Often times one will encounter an occult store selling an oil for, let's say, $5/ dram, yet one can buy most of the exact same essential and fragrance oils by the ounce and for about the same price from trapper supply stores and websites that use these scents to bait traps with! This is what I like to call the "illusion of value". ;) A couple renowned occult stores have disliked me spreading this news that they have sent me either hate mail, or even threatened to curse me! (I've never laughed so hard!) I am grateful that I have found the primary resource for essential and fragrance oils that most occult stores use, especially since they still have a few bottles of deerstongue oil on hand from years ago, which one cannot FIND anymore!!! I'm planning on buying their remaining stock, and then selling the precious oil for $30/ dram because it's so precious these days.

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So it would seem.

Hey, it's not available anymore!  In fact, I have been trying to hunt down tobacco companies that infuse tobacco with deer's tongue oil to see where they acquire it from in order to find a stable resource for the occult community, but I kept reaching a dead end.  Honestly, most pagans these days have little idea what to do with deerstongue oil, so I really don't think there's much of a market for it anyway.

Wow, where to start.......

Is it even legal for a shop to send its customers "hate mail"? Can you prove who sent it?

What made you think of trapper supply stores as a possible source for the oils you need? Are those oils the same quality as the essential oils bought elsewhere?

Also, I thought that some oils deteriorated over time. So if the old deerstongue oil has deteriorated you could find yourself facing an angry mob.

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Zippidee-Do-Dah !

Oh, I know who sent it!  They weren't particularly discreet.  I just don't care whether or not it's legal; their karma is their business.  :)  They were just pissed that I outed the Occult Industry for ripping people off, especially during the hard times in which we live.

Honestly, I didn't think to go looking for trapper stores; I just googled some of the oils I used in the past, and these trapper stores kept coming up!  The owners were more than kind enough to tell me who their resource is--and yes, they are the same quality!

Eos only deteriorate over time if improperly stores.  According to my resource, it's still as vivacious as ever!  In fact, EOs will keep readily for several years.

"In fact, EOs will keep readily for several years"

I was in the essential oil industry , as I was known as the "Amber Man"

"Amber Essence" in the rosewood boxes , from the 1980's , across the

United States , though we dealt also in various other oils , including

Jasmine , Turkish Rose , Neroli , Tibetan Cedar , Fir , and many , many


I also traded with many who made their own oils , and pure blends...

Dependent on the *acid or alkaline* nature of the plant , and the oil ,

would determine the ability to hold it's "nose" , and "effect" , as well

what the base note was if it was a blend...

I had both cedar and fir last for years...turkish rose , as well...opium oil...

I still have some oils in 2018 , for my personal use , from the 1980's ,

and they have not , not just years , but some...many years...;)

This is what we imported from the top company in Poona , India ,

though we also got Tibetan blend resin...I created a display case

with thirteen carved wooden boxes , and sold over $100,000.00

worth over the first two years...people would follow me down the

street , to ask me what I was wearing...

Let alone the sensual / sexual effect it had on the workers chopping

the large chunks up , to put in the boxes...our first shipment was 180

kilos , in huge plastic jugs , some pieces fist sized...

Customs hated us , after some dogs sense of smell got ruined , looking

for hash...( 1980's , mind you )

I have noticed that citrus oils seem to fade quite quickly. They are pure oils kept in dark glass bottles in a cupboard, but they don't seem to last longer than a year. 

Wade, thank you for taking the time to reply. I am surprised that a shop owner would send "hate mail" to a disgruntled customer! What next? A severed shrunken head in a giftbox?!

Trapper stores online, as a source for oils, sounds interesting. I don't know the law regarding importing oils for personal use here. I would have to find out which oils, if any, are banned from import before buying any. You might be onto something here. Thank you for sharing.

So you are getting some versions of oils .. that by the way are prepared differently and are a different type of oil . and then you are reselling it  just like the stores you accuse of marking it up   gosh golly gee.  and threatening to curse you or send hate mail?   wow why dont you start a reality series called. HEY I am making a whole bunch of crap up to get attention and get money ...  you sir are a damp nut  .. now remember you do NOT DRINK the oils ok.  that might explain your addled post.  

No, you have totally misunderstood--they are the SAME oils that these Big City occult stores sell (there's nothing different about them).  Also, marking up a product by more than 400% is much more than a standard "mark up"!  I would never dream of such a mark up, and I would probably sell them at much more reasonable prices as the trapper companies have done.


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