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So, I got some Big City occult stores pissed off at me for calling them out on how they are exploiting their Pagan clientele! Often times one will encounter an occult store selling an oil for, let's say, $5/ dram, yet one can buy most of the exact same essential and fragrance oils by the ounce and for about the same price from trapper supply stores and websites that use these scents to bait traps with! This is what I like to call the "illusion of value". ;) A couple renowned occult stores have disliked me spreading this news that they have sent me either hate mail, or even threatened to curse me! (I've never laughed so hard!) I am grateful that I have found the primary resource for essential and fragrance oils that most occult stores use, especially since they still have a few bottles of deerstongue oil on hand from years ago, which one cannot FIND anymore!!! I'm planning on buying their remaining stock, and then selling the precious oil for $30/ dram because it's so precious these days.

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Walgreens sells Florida water: $3.00 per bottle; occult shop: $10.00+ per bottle. Walgreens, still in business; occult shop, closing down.

Walgreens massive corporation that spreads its costs of operation among its stores and subsidiaries.

Occult shop owned by one person struggling to make a profit when they don't have the resources of a Walgreen.

When you deal in volume, you can lower your prices.  


But when you make a lot of money , you can afford

water at ten dollars a bottle , or organic food all the time...

The rest of us will go for three dollar water , or cheaper food , just to exist...

The occult shop owner is struggling because he is making all the wrong choices; namely, catering to people that have no money.

So do Walgreens and Walmart.  But they overcome that by selling in volume to a LOT of people with no money.  Again, the small business owner can't compete with that.  Not because of bad choices, but because of the disadvantages inherent in large corporate stores versus small mom and pop stores.

This is a successful strategy perpetrated by any corporation wanting to corner the market.  

"you sir are a damp nut"

That's what she said.

Pagans exploit themselves. They're renowned capitalists. I am not sure why this is a surprise.

Because people are stupid. They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

I think they're out to make a quick buck myself. I don't mind it because access to supplies is easier and less time consuming. Thank you, Amazon.

Supply and Demand.

I had a similar rant not too long ago. I try to just use what I know and let the people be now. I relate and you do you. Blessings.

It was once the case we said you should never argue or barter on the price of your magickal tools.
It was a saying that everyone understood.
However, I am talking going back 30 years when it wasn't so easy to get things on line or from shops and if you found then the hint of a pentacle you snapped it up in your hot sticky hands and you were grateful.
Nowadays however the Internet has made the world smaller and we can shop around.
It's not about arguing about price because until you have made the transaction, you haven't bought it, but to do so after, or to regret buying it if you see it elsewhere cheaper is not something you should do.
It is MY belief that should you quibble over something you have paid for, it can harm the energy in the item so, I pay and am grateful.  After all, you need all the good energy you can on your ritual items.
So, calling them out for a price?
Well, strictly speaking, if you haven't bought it, you are just criticising the item cost, only their attempted fee.
If someone is charging too much then it is a case of Caveat Emptor - buyer beware or "you pays your money you takes your chance"
You see the gullible all the time being over charged for this or that at stupid prices and yes you want to scream because they know no better but, if they are happy, should we spoil their happiness in their purchases?
It think it depends on the over charge.
And at least you know not to shop there again.
As for sending hate mail - well that is just shameful and has no bearing on the cost of anything.  A shop should not do that, irrelevant of price of item or complaint a customer has.
Such an action should be noted and avoided.

Good answer.


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