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So, I got some Big City occult stores pissed off at me for calling them out on how they are exploiting their Pagan clientele! Often times one will encounter an occult store selling an oil for, let's say, $5/ dram, yet one can buy most of the exact same essential and fragrance oils by the ounce and for about the same price from trapper supply stores and websites that use these scents to bait traps with! This is what I like to call the "illusion of value". ;) A couple renowned occult stores have disliked me spreading this news that they have sent me either hate mail, or even threatened to curse me! (I've never laughed so hard!) I am grateful that I have found the primary resource for essential and fragrance oils that most occult stores use, especially since they still have a few bottles of deerstongue oil on hand from years ago, which one cannot FIND anymore!!! I'm planning on buying their remaining stock, and then selling the precious oil for $30/ dram because it's so precious these days.

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Good answer.


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