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Is anyone doing this here?  

For me the funny thing is I started this year by saving up money for a family trip we will be taking next year.  I found this challenge after I had already been saving and I thought what a coincidence.  here is the link if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm not going about it the same way he did just because I don't think it would work for me to be putting more than $5 a week away into savings is practical for my low income family.  It doesn't seem to be working for him ether seeing how he keeps dipping into the savings and having slip ups. :(

How is it going for you guys, and gals?  

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Ack! I tried to click on the link but it wouldn't load for me. My sister challenged her children to a savings challenge so I joined in. Each Friday I put away the number of the week of the year it is, started with the first Friday in Jan with $1, second Friday $2, third Friday $3, etc... We're up to $11 today! So far, so good!

I haven't tried anything like the link. 

But, I pay cash for groceries, and I shop once a week. If I have any money leftover from my trip (whether it's 1.00 or 10.00), I put it in a jar. And then I don't touch it. It's amazing how much accumulates at the end of the year! Also, I love challenging myself to have more and more leftover (while, at the same time, not going hungry or feeling deprived, obviously). It's made shopping a lot of fun or maybe I just need to get out more, lol. 

that's a good Idea, to pay in cash I'd rather be doing that my husband is so bad with money it might help him lol. 


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