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Did pagans in ancient times tattoo their skin? How and with what did they tattoo, was it just temporarly "henna tattoo" or it lasted for a long time? How did the tattoo look, was it like in the movie "The Mist Of Avalon" where Morgainne had some line tattoo marks all over her body?

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Tattoos are a pretty ancient practice... I'm talking about the permanent ones...
To ask what ancient pagan tattoos looked like is pretty much simply asking what tattoos looked like before christianity or Judaism came along...
Whether the tattoos people got back then were devotional or religious in nature is up to debate... people probably got tattoos for cultural reasons, often as a sign of rank (be that as a slave or as a priest or leader). In indiginous cultures you see tattoos for various reasons, either marking the rank of leader or healer or marking the coming of age of the young into adulthood.
If you want to know about a specific culture or time period, you'd have to narrow your focus... are you asking if the pre-christian druids did tattooing?
I'm sure they did a bit of both. Tattoos have existed for thousands of years.
I persosnally LOVE tattoos, and am drawn to people who have them. For me they are very personal and my tattoos are all on my back and upper arms where only those I want to share with can see them(for the most part anyway, sometimes in public places like pools or hot tubs I have no choice but reveal my tattoos)
Found this and thought you may find it interesting.

Pagan and NeoPagan Ink.
by Livia Indica
The history of tattoos is tightly bound up with that of paganism because the first people to create and receive them were pagans or, at the very least, their ancestors whose shamanistic ways gave birth to paganism. Tattoo is one of the oldest forms of art, right after cave and rock art from prehistoric times. In fact, the ancient history of tattoo is so varied and universal that simply picking a spot on the globe reveals a rich history of body art. Throughout history tattoos served many different purposes. Some were rites of passage that marked a person’s journey into adulthood. For some peoples, a tattoo was an attempt at healing or pain relief. Some tattoos labeled a person a criminal. Others were reserved for shamans, priests and priestesses. Still more were exclusive badges of nobility or royalty. Libraries full of books could be written about the history of tattoos but, for my purposes, I’ll highlight the most well-known or popular pagan forms.
Not any particular time line or culture. I'm sure Vikings and Celts had their own way of tattooing even if they where pagans, they still didn't share or believed in the same Gods.
I just wanted to see some examples, and more important what did they use to tattoo? Can it be used today also, as I don't want any unnatural poison colors on my skin.
Christians are against tattoos in their religion, so really, all tattoos are "pagan".Done for tribal, family and spiritual reasons.
I know some cultures use crushed up charcoals and a lemon thorn, you poke holes in you and smear the charcoal with your blood. I have a Thai friend that said his father gave him a tattoo by poking him with a needle and smearing ink in it, and he desribed another method i cant quite remember, but it sounded interesting at the time. I would say id probably be fine to make your own dye and inks from plant matter for tattoo ink. But im not sure how Blue duck feces would work out with rubing into your blood.

Here is an interesting article on how a tattoo was performed in Ancient America by the Native Americans:

Researchers Believe They’ve Identified the World’s Oldest Tattoo Kit


A decade old thread and it's still not dead.

That's weird. Maybe the thread is dead, the last reply before me was by Buzzard. lol

Not much left after the Buzzard has eaten his fill. lol

Tattoo You , Baby ;

I'm Feeling Like A Rollin' Stone...

Do It Before The Whip Comes Down !

It common for mages to tattoo spells or marks on their body to serve as automatic casting in times of emergencies. I have tattooed personalized symbols on my body that I can call circles by making a symbol or a word without having to do all the work to open it down. I have also tattooed symbols for beings to be available on command to use as servitors and happy helpers. The marks have purposes and preprogrammed tasks that are determined by those who draw them. Tattoos in my opinion are the highest form of blood magick that a person can do as it seals a contract between entity and castor. A warning though, once a contract is made it is eternal and cannot be broken so be careful of what vowels and pacts you make before getting the symbol tattooed. Also don't be like most hip people and get a symbol that you think looks cool, without knowing what it is. Cover ups don't break contracts.


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