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It is a matter of concern that pagans aren't yet given a way into the world religions despite of the number of people following it. However the pagans debate on topics such as which religion is peaceful and which isn't.
Dont you think there should be stress on the topics like how to make it an international religion instead of that.

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I think the reason there isn't emphasis placed on making Paganism an international religion is because it's not really that important to most. Paganism isn't about indoctrinating the world or gaining popularity, it's about personal spiritual fulfillment. You can't attain fulfillment if you're worried about what the world thinks of you. 

Personally I don't care if the world thinks Paganism is still a devilish work. **I** know what it is and isn't, and that makes me more educated than the rest of the world. 

Well said agreed, Pagans are not about prosyltizing the world to our way of thinking  we are about living our beliefs  the way we see fit. As Pagans have always done

Even there are so many sects in the prevaling religions still they exist under a single banner

No.  paganism unto itself is not a religion.

Paganism is already an international "religion". People from all over the world practice many types of paganism. 
If you are looking for recognition, it's there, but it subtle. Such as in first amendment speeches we are the "others" when the politician spouts off all the big religions and adds "and others". Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

True hence we do not need to worry about instructing the world or making it international

I have to agree with SIn as Paganism is a way of life Relgion is   more a man made thing

Paganism  excited way before man made religions.

Since then the pagan festivals should be national holidays which is not prevailing

Which pagan festivals? There are so many different belief structures under the pagan umbrella we could almost have a national holiday everyday of the year.

All in favor, Say "aye!" 

Matter of perspective.  The current recognized national holidays (complete with pay and government office closings) are pagan festivals.

"Since then the pagan festivals should be national holidays..."

Why? I as a Pagan don't feel that the Winter Solstice (or insert "Pagan Holiday" of choice) needs to be a nationally recognized holiday. I don't need to take an entire day off from work to celebrate whatever holiday I wish. Heck, I'd work Christmas if I were given the option. 

Plus as another already pointed out, there are numerous holy days celebrated by various religions. Once one goes beyond the eight Wiccan sabbats there are calendars with festivals that break down to civic/devotional and seasonal further compounded by regional variances for either.


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