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So, this is sort of a rant, but I wanted to ask others how they feel.

I frequently find myself navigating the web or meeting new pagans and I run into this issue. People are always trying to pitch their custom oil blends, candles, homemade incense, craft jewelry, etc. Or I find someone posting rituals where all their components are embedded with a link to their store or they punctuate the end of a conversation with how their personal brand will enhance my sabbat. 

I like to know there are sources for supplies I might want sometime. I get it and I wish for your personal success. It's just off putting to me.

It's much like I'm talking to someone from Green Peace. I am interested in everything you're saying, but I'm not giving you money.

I might be in grumpy old man mode, but I don't like being soft sold during a spiritual conversation. What do you think?

This is what set me off. (jump to 4:17 if you don't want to watch the whole vidoe).

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Rant on. It's annoying.  Neopaganism (from its start) has been peddling crap you don't need or want.  Whether it's books, items, crafts, 'art', clothing, furniture, and pop culture makes no difference.  Intuit your practice.  You need nothing else.

Thank you. 

Well...I sort of get it!

Do some drugs and chill. you are too much into your head...lolo

Haha, probably true Cartwright. =P

I was going to join this rant, since relatively recently someone I was trying to have a metaphysical discussion with put himself behind a paywall. However, I started trying to think of a time, from a realistic historical perspective, when people (pagan or otherwise) weren’t always trying to sell something to each other. I could not think of a time or a society where that wasn’t going on. The old Pagans did it, the Christians do it, and the new Pagans do it. It’s at least as old as money, but it’s still incredibly annoying. Apparently, people think eating is more important than intellectual conversation.

Good point Medb. I agree with you, I just like to rant sometimes. =)

all it requires can be nothing at all-some use props to help-they can be hand made..the magics in you..the props help enhance the experience. its up to you to decide not for us. if you believe in something your doing then that power itself is stronger.

Have you ever heard of Wicca Movement? I don't know how they got into my checking account but they better get the hell out NOW...I didn't order from them, they musta got my info as a second party...every month 19.99 will turn into $47 buckaroonies if we run short and who the hell was expecting them? I aint got no red-headed stepchild named Wicca Movement and y'all juss better watch out for these pick-pockets! I'm on the warpath now! Lookout children! <RavenHeart>


Wow...did I get zapped! Two cheap bracelets that I ordered on sale for $4.95 each turned into a subscription that I was totally unaware of so those 2 cheap bracelets wound up costing about $ least they are off my bank account now! Cute huh?

I can completely understand that myself; it can be quite frustrating. I personally have not come across this myself but I can see it happening, especially at a pagan gathering. I do hope it doesn't happen during rituals!


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