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So, this is sort of a rant, but I wanted to ask others how they feel.

I frequently find myself navigating the web or meeting new pagans and I run into this issue. People are always trying to pitch their custom oil blends, candles, homemade incense, craft jewelry, etc. Or I find someone posting rituals where all their components are embedded with a link to their store or they punctuate the end of a conversation with how their personal brand will enhance my sabbat. 

I like to know there are sources for supplies I might want sometime. I get it and I wish for your personal success. It's just off putting to me.

It's much like I'm talking to someone from Green Peace. I am interested in everything you're saying, but I'm not giving you money.

I might be in grumpy old man mode, but I don't like being soft sold during a spiritual conversation. What do you think?

This is what set me off. (jump to 4:17 if you don't want to watch the whole vidoe).

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It was just funny.

I appreciate all the comments. I'll try to be mindful that my next post is more insightful and less grouch.


I'm critical because I have space to voice my mind, not for an agenda, Flake.

Sephora is now selling witchcraft kits. (They're mostly a cosmetic store!) You can thank pagans selling to other pagans for it! And then laugh at those who complain about misappropriation! (There is a demand, so there is a supply.)

Ever run into any Krispy Crème donuts?

Hi all;  I just watched the youtube vid and I didn't see anything wrong with it at all.  In fact I thought she was being very helpful.  Many pagans/witches etc know how to make their own oil blends, floral arrangements, rituals etc.  But there are always new ones coming in that have no idea how to do these things and are grateful that someone is showing them the way or offering assistance in some way.  I recently seen a group for teachers here on pagan space.  There were some new ones asking for someone to teach them.  The point is that these new ones don't know what to do or how to do it.  No, you and I may not want to buy the essence offered because we can make our own.  But I am sure that there are many others who not only want to buy it but will enjoy the emotional/mental relaxation it will give them.

Secondly I have to say that I don't know any pagans/witches who don't work at some craft like essence, jewelry, etc.  I think, and I'm guessing here, that once we open the doors to our ancestors and the universe in general that we touch the bartering and buying and selling that runs in our veins through our dna.  I have met a few pagans now that find they experience a great peace in making potions.  When they investigated they found that a great grandmother was into the healing arts.  So what are they supposed to do with all the potions and ointments they make.  Since you can only keep them for so long the only thing to do is to offer them to someone, hopefully at a price that will allow them to keep making more.  I'm always pleased when someone offers me something they have enjoyed making.  If I don't want to pay for it I just gently decline but make sure to tell them what a great job they did of it.

Great answer!  (I didn't see anything wrong with the video either, she actually spent very little time talking about her new product -- and she has a very calming relaxing voice.)

I might add that there are people out there who simply do not want to make their own magickal items, even though they may know how.  They want someone else to do it for them.

PS ~ If I had a nickel for all the stuff I've given away for free or gifted, I'd have a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. ;)


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