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Would like some thoughts on a dream I had last week. What I can recall is a man wearing all white introducing himself as Papa Legba, he simply told me "You are going about this the right way". The only other thing I can recall is a black candle on the outside windowsill of an unknown house. The candle had flecks of some sort of translucent glitter that threw off rainbow prisms. It was a really nice candle but to me doesn't exactly fit voodoo. I am not a voodoo practitioner, but I respect it and read up on it from time to time. I have recently started working magic again, not having done it in several years. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

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  Hi Brandy. I'm no expert at all on Vodou or Santeria, and don't practice either,  however I had a similar experience not too long ago with Elegua (who is very similar to Papa Legba). I've found them to be a lot less scary that my initial impression. It seems you caught Papa Legba's attention and approval in your magical doings. I understand that even the initiated are on Legba's and Elegua's radar, so to speak. I've recently heard from others who were contacted by one of them in a dream. They both can be pretty insistent when they want your attention. At least, that's been my experience.

   Black candles aren't always indicative of black magic. They are also used in warding off negativity. I think your hint about the dream isn't the candle so much as the window sill. I'd take a look at what sorts of things you've been working on with your magic, and what's going on in your life lately. Try to find how the symbols of the dream (house, window, candle) tie into your life specifically. I wouldn't expect a straight answer. Both Legba and Elegua seem to enjoy communicating in riddles and jokes.

   At least he said you are on the right track, so that's encouraging :)

Its been a while since I could recall details like that in a dream. For Papa Legba to introduce himself to me and give me a nod of approval is shocking. Not in a scary way, but confusing. The candle was so pretty I can still picture it. Either way it seemed to be positive. Thanks for the response.

He seems to be popping up everywhere now. I too have had a similar experience with Papa Legba and if you are confused then it is definitely He is a pretty tricky one but none the less he will lead you to where he wants you or where you should be. He will reveal him self in time. Maybe you should light a candle for him on or near your windowsill and ask him whatever you want. Many blessings to you.


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