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Around the 30 min mark, there is a story involving a 'Wiccan' that you may find rather fascinating, or at least as amusing as I did.

What stood out to me the most about the first story, was how emotionally distraught the woman becomes while telling the story.  So either she's just a really good actor, or has convinced herself these events actually occurred.

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I went to the 30 min. mark and, for as long as I was able to watch, I have only these questions:


1.  If these spirits need to feed off negative energy and thereby deliberately create negativity in the houses they haunt, does this mean that all the people in this country who are constantly angry or offended over something in politics and/or society are actually being haunted?


2.  Why didn't the parents just simply delete the metal music track from their iPod?  Or, better still, take the iPod out of their child's bedroom and tell him to learn how to sleep without constant background music?  You know, like everyone else did back in the pre-tech days?


3. Why, by all things holy and unholy, did Wiccan Mom choose to give her child such a lame, Biblical, over-used name as Adam? 

Because she liked the idea of her son in palindrome


? Hu Dat In Da Mirror ?

1.  YES, we are not our true selves. We are invaded by spirit walk-ins.  Halp, call the psychics they know what to do, but wait... They are infected too?  Halp!

2.  Because Spirits.

3.  She supplicated to her husband's christian beliefs.  "I thought it was cheesy..."

The equation for this sort of thing seems to be the same: more than one female and a child is involved; there is usually a husband that is way off on the side in the background somewhere. I've received hate mail about this claim before, but frankly, if people don't like my claim then they can stop being a bunch of stupid hysterical (yes I said hysterical) b*tches. :)

Why are people so freakin' hysterical about this kind of thing? I must be doing something right because we screw around constantly and I've never had these kinds of issues.

HA! I fell out of my chair laughing at this! Mephisto (I figured I would re-spell that in keeping with the joke).

Luigi? that used to be my fav pizza parlor


Let's see, "he joined the occult", followed by "I got a Catholic priest to bless the house" and "someone had opened a portal with a Ouiji board", then a grand finale of fluffy Wiccan girl don't know what she's dealing with. It's a bit cliche.

That the haps capts :) Quick question: how does one "join the occult"?

It's all secret.shh.

When in doubt blame your husband.


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