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Around the 30 min mark, there is a story involving a 'Wiccan' that you may find rather fascinating, or at least as amusing as I did.

What stood out to me the most about the first story, was how emotionally distraught the woman becomes while telling the story.  So either she's just a really good actor, or has convinced herself these events actually occurred.

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Somebody please throw her a line....And plug her mouth, you know, to keep from drowning.

"" How come I never get invited? I put on a good show :) Burn shit they have never heard of :D""

It's targeted at Christians while making them look bad. xD

I always lol when it's a story of a "former witch" who trafficks with bad spirits/demons then becomes Christian.

It's sad every Halloween I watch it like a bad movie.

I am a former practicing Roman Catholic who

got caught up in the traffic of a judging god ,

bad penguins , robotic dogma , altered boys ,

plaid skirt teasers , pits of hell , promise of

heaven , three sided rulers on knuckles , let

alone ghosts of saints , a man hammered to

a cross with a crown of thorns , crying out

when he was abandoned , call and respond

chanting in a foreign language , forced into

pews in monkey suits , kneeling on command ,

surrounded by mothers who were as submissive

as Stepford Wives...

Then I became Pagan...

And they think they can scare me with a few demons ?


XD it needs to be taken to 'the farm'

I've been looking for something like this for a long long time, and I frankly have no hope of finding "it". And I've gone way out of my way to do it. Maybe I just don't appeal to them. but I think, to some extent, many of us have had some level or degree of paranormal experience, and I have had my share of them.

 But an observation from my point of view, for whatever it's worth, is that if I were indeed an evil spirit, or even a mischievious prankster, looking to terrorize an unsuspecting prospect, I would be looking for the weakest minded, [IE weakest link in the chain] most spineless superstitious PUKE I could find, even though I don't know for sure what makes them so particularly special, That would most likely be a Christian, but certainly not limited to such.

So by reading this, it appears that you don't have to be a Satanist in order to scare them off!

So is the Wiccan gal a member here and will she now come forward to bask in her new found fame?

Honestly, I can't stand these shows. They're all predictable, and they're all stereotypical and most involve priests doing "exorcisms" or whatever.

I don't believe any of these stories are actually true. Its all written for entertainment.


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