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For all of you, whether you currently have children or not, are you planning on "exposing" your children to witchcraft? What if your partner doesn't practice the craft or the same path as you? Will you be holding back any elements of the craft from them? What age will you wait till to tell them about your path?

Tell me your stories and advice for such things. Discuss everything and anything please.

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When I have children they will be raised as witches. I will teach them all know and make sure that they do not grow up with the harmful bigoted christian imagery that I am still trying to shake.

I think personally I'm going to practice privately, not that I'm going to hide it but I guess I really want them to choose for themselves what religion or path or whatever they want. Like you I will not allow them to grow up to be bullies or anything but if they were ever to see me and ask what I was doing I think I would tell them it's just herbalist stuff. At least until they are old enough to understand why I do the things I do.

My children observed my spiritual practices. Ultimately they chose their own path. You can teach your children but they grow into individuals of their own making.

admittedly this is true, but I will do my best, and at least they will grow up with moral values, and it won't just be spiritual practices but magickal princables that I will teach them

I think if I ever children that I would teach them about magic aand pagan religions, but I think being informed about all religions is the key to truly finding your own spiritual path. I would probably wait until they were old enough to realize that mommy is doing more than just growing plants and collecting stones to really tell them that I myself were a witch. Children are impressionable and I wouldn't want to put my faith on them like my Christian family did to me. Enigma was right though, they eventually grow up to make their own choice. I just want to give them all the right information so they can make a well educated decision when the time comes. As for "what about my partner?" I'd make sure that whatever was taught were things that they would agree with or be ok with our children being exposed to.

That's pretty much exactly my thinking

That is a good point, many of us grew up with conservative religions shoved down our throats, but we found our own paths, quite possibly to our parents dismay. I think that the key difference between the way our parents raised us and the way we raise our children should be teaching them that their is no one right way

And I certainly won't be offended or angry if they choose something other than witchcraft or my path. I just want them to have a choice. Obviously I won't be allowing them to become an extremist of any form or allow them to be terrible people but I will let them find their own way.

I'm so glad that everyone here has had the same theme of "I chose this for me but I will do what's best for my children." We all know witchcraft is a part of us and we all aren't ashamed of who we are but we're also all caring and loving of our (future) children to understand that hey come first. Not that we're hiding anything but just making their lives easier or even safer. I'm sorry you've had these threats and damages done to you and your home. I'm a Christian and I will pray that your neighbours, my brothers and sisters in Christ, will remember His teachings of love and acceptance when it comes to you and your family. Blessed Be.

I have 3 kids, all in their teens now.
My parents were not religious or spiritual and I was allowed to choose my own path. I have allowed my children to do the same.
I am a witch, my husband is not. He believes I can do things, and he believes in a higher power but for all he knows it's an alien and we are some science experiment.
My kids went a christain church with their grandmother, but asked questions. I answered honestly and gave them each a set of medicine cards which they wore out.
My oldest practices her own path of witchcraft. The second believes more like her father but has been drawn to mermaids, so we will see. The third is still undecided, but he made a pendulum and has cast a couple of spells.
Whatever they ultimately decide I will support them.
One of the most important things I can teach them is tolerance.

That's really cool, I like hearing stories of how it's worked out for others. Maybe it's because it's a weird sort of "proof" that things will be ok. 

I'm out to everyone. My grandkids love witchcraft. No problem with my daughter she thinks the girls need guidance. My others know I'm a pagan with. Though they don't believe it's real and think I'm eccentric.


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