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For all of you, whether you currently have children or not, are you planning on "exposing" your children to witchcraft? What if your partner doesn't practice the craft or the same path as you? Will you be holding back any elements of the craft from them? What age will you wait till to tell them about your path?

Tell me your stories and advice for such things. Discuss everything and anything please.

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I think it's pretty cool everyone around you knows who and what you are, even if some don't believe.

I don't bother hiding my Path from anyone; not even my son. His mother is a christian, unfortunately, so he's gone down that path. My girlfriend is Wiccan and you all can see in my profile what I am. Odd combination but there you go. We've more or less agreed to just let them choose. No hiding, answer questions as best we can, and let them decide what they're going to be.

I'm going to assume that your ex isn't accepting of your path then, I'm sorry for that. Do you think it's bad he's a Christian or do you mean that he's not really getting the chance to choose for himself meaning his mother is just telling him what to believe?

His mom cut me out of his life for most of his childhood. When she did let me in again and saw me making progress with him she shut me out again. He's never really had a chance to experience anything but christianity. Now that he's grown he's more or less set in that.

And no, she's not really accepting of anything about me.

I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope things get better. An opportunity is bound to arise where he gets exposed to other religions or the wonderful thought of rebellion, I'm sure he will seek you out one day or another and learn to make his own decisions. Until then, you and your son will be in my thoughts.

Not likely. He doesn't have much of a rebellious streak nor is he the curious type. I appreciate the sympathy, though.

Never give up hope, he may not be curious but he may meet some friends who are. You never know. Blessed Be.

I exposed mine to Witchcraft, to this day he thinks it's adults playing dress-up, delusional to believe that it's anything more than prayer. 


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