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In my tradition , which is a Faery Tradition , we use

an eleven dimensional tree , in an arrangement of

seven central realms , surrounded by four realms...

The seven , from the bottom up :

Realm Of The Ancestors


Gate To Below Realms


Gate To Above Realms

Astral World

Upper World

( by one way of saying them )...

The four surrounding the Portal , are the realms of

Water , Air , Fire , and Earth...

Black Water in North

Yellow Air in East

White Fire in South

Red Earth in West

There are pairs of symbols for each realm , with levels

of meaning , including numerical values...

By numerical value , the central seven pairs equal 1151...

Which , in gematria , equal :

Blue = 850

Fire = 301

The four pairs of elements , by numerical value , equal 344...

Which happens to equal :

Wood = 344

Door = 344

Dreaming Body = 344

As well :

I Am Raising Up Upright Flame = 344

The combined force of the elements , builds Blue Fire...

And , as well...

Our tradition's spelling :

Wietch's Athame = 345

Using the Will , and Sonics , as well visualization , we

direct the Blue Fire...

Which joins the realms , above and below...

Can you see it ?

Feel it raise the hairs on your head , and arms ?

Do you smell the ozone ?

Can you taste it on your tongue ?

Can you hear the crackling energy ?

Engage your senses...

Now...what do you choose to do ?

Let me offer this , as well...

If we take the seven central pairs , and the

bottom two and top two pairs are joined...

The seven central pairs equal 692...

Which happens to equal :

Pantheon Of Gods = 692

Powers That Be = 692

The other four pairs = 803

And , it so happens :

Spirit Helpers = 802

So , if one is "stealing lightning from the gods"...

Or , better thought "borrowing"...

One should act with personal integrity...

There is power in them there realms...;)

What think ye ?

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I think er... I've never been a fan of the number games. Too subjective. In my opinion. I only reply because this was posted to my page. But this blue fire you speak of, not only is this being mentioned an odd serendipidy but I know it well. I can't sense it physically, but I know it in some other way. And recently have been experimenting with the feeling. I know I can use this as "witch power" .
Is there anywhere I can learn more?

Will post this here , then on your profile to help...

This is *not* my exercise , but it is from Storm ,

and comes from the Feri Tradition he was initiated

into long ago...

Victor and Cora Anderson's lineage line...


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