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Hello! I am a pharmacy student who is also wanting to follow this sort of path. Just being in a health field I've always wondered if there any other people who are in a medical field who are pagan? If there are, have you had any experiences?

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Not in the field. But I go there. Hospitals have a sort of vibe. Intranquility.

The book by Carolyn Morrow Long - Spiritual Merchants, Religion Magic and Commerce you might be interested to read that one. In it is told in little bits of texts  how pharmacists used to make supplies of a spiritual nature to sell. Pharmacies used to sell also basic items way back then. The very old pharmacy recipe books such as found on Archive org have tons of info. As does the Nicholas Culpepper book but the old english is a bit of a read. On the Lucky mojo site at the text of Florida Water recipes in tiny lettering are some books the owner used for her recipes for her shop.

The industry of making things moved to big commerce the biggest recently sold to new owner I recently saw a video of their new factory google Indio Products. Etsy and other online shops have things made in smaller batches. As a pharmacy student you might/may have interest in this.

I'll have to look into that book! Thank you!!

I work in the medical field.  What path are you thinking of following?

That's the thing.. I've just started on this and I have no idea..

yes, there are other people in the medical field who are pagans. i could point out to you a very knowledgable and experienced witch with a very interesting youtube channel right now. she works professionally in neuro-sciences, and has her Phd.

That would be awesome! Thank you!

Im a medical office technology student as well as a previous healthcare student  I have noticed that a lot of spirits or thoughtforms are really obsessed with pills - I basically think its because they have a hard time gaining much real satisfaction basically I watch you know the energy levels when your dealing with pills.

Greetings  Johnathan

When I left school I went into dental surgery assisting, spending some time in general practice, some time working for the area health authority (2 boroughs) in their schools, clinics and hospital theaters, and sometime in private practice doing implant surgery, denture work and orthodontics. 

It felt good to be in a busy caring role, but I did not reveal my beliefs and practices to anyone there, it never seemed appropriate. 

In my early adult years after giving birth to my 2 sons, I was a personal carer and assistant to adults with disabilities, and worked in a daycare centre for young adults with learning difficulties. 

During this time I was more open about what and who I am (I termed it as just "Pagan" then, rather than witch and druid) and there were some who asked about it if I wore crystals or something like that, never any hostility.  It felt good to be asked to explain, I enjoy that side of my path.

As a mature student I was learning pharmacy dispensing for a community chain store, but I had to stop due to my own health issues, and relocated from London to Wales to take up being a musician instead. 

In the pharmacies I met with many people from many different beliefs.  I openly wore my pentacle by then and it got a mixture of responses.  The boss I had was Hindu.  We got on very well and learned much from each other.  I miss her.

I was somewhat upset when the pharmacy regulations stopped us selling the aromatherapy oils we used to and stopped us having things like rescue remedy or tiger balm for instance on our shelves as although I worked for the company who trade in big pharma drugs, I still believe there is room for more natural treatments too.  That caused something of a challenge for me if I'm honest, it seemed to me that the industry is becoming something I wasn't sure I wanted to be involved with.

I saw a Horizon documentary about the coming use of AI in surgeries...  I am glad I'm out now to be frank, and worry about where it's all heading for my lads.

I would love to take my music (I play a harp) into hospitals to play to those recovering from illness and so on.  I have recently played in some care homes here for the elderly with dementia which I really enjoyed.  And I often get asked to play in the local christian church by the local vicar for the school childrens angel services at Christmas.  I laugh to myself, if they knew I was a witch, would they?  hahahaha  But then I am only here to care and spread good, not do harm.  

I think this a good topic for conversation and will follow the thread.  Thank you.


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