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I don't know how many of you here use Photobucket for 3rd party hosting, or whether you're aware of the recent policy change enacted by Photobucket. (The change came suddenly and unannounced.)


For those who haven't heard the news:


Photobucket is now requiring that you pay $399 per year for 3rd party hosting.  If you've been using Photobucket for years (as I have been), all of your photos that you've posted online over the years on forums, on eBay, etc. are eventually going to have broken links (if they haven't already been broken and your images removed). 


Here is a link to a list of recent articles that can explain what has happened:


Of course, Photobucket is a privately owned company and can make their own policies regarding customer usage.  Whether or not Photobucket has broken any laws by not providing sufficient notification of this recent change to customers will be up to the legal eagles.  Thousands of people across the Web are referring to this development as "extortion."


In the meantime, I advise anyone here who has a Photobucket account to IMMEDIATELY start downloading your albums to save your photos (while you still can).  You are able to do this for the time being (I've just downloaded all of mine), but if this recent policy change of Photobucket's is any indication of how they will be doing business from now on, then your photos are not safe on their site.


I'm already in the process of searching for a new hosting site.  If anyone has any recommendations, please post them here.



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Glad I brought this to your attention , Nephele !

What about creating accounts with both Pinterest and Tumblr ?

Yes, thanks for the message you'd sent, Shawn.

I guess I'll be looking into Pinterest and Tumblr and other options, now.

This also brings into focus how quickly the net could be shut down

effectively , if companies / corporations controlling services such

as photo hosting , or servers with vast amounts of information ,

conspired , or were attacked...

I have been gathering my posts and info for awhile , and will be , and

am putting it on discs , thumb drives , and hard copy , to insure I shall

have future backup , just in case...

I heartily suggest this at least two prong method of digital and hard copy

backup to any who value their well , if one can afford it ,

their own server , or a shared server with friends , family , or coven mates...

This is only the beginning of a movement toward further control of information...

Look to the future , and cybershiver at the thought , if one does not take the

necessary precautions...the ghost in the machine , is waking up , and is rattling

the chains of internet totalitarianism...can you hear them yet ?

Thanks for the info.
I just deleted my account.
And as to Shawn's post, Germany just passed a bill allow 3rd party access to see if there is any indication of "hate speech" and then they send the authorities in to arrest the perpetrator.

What Germany did is sure to perpetuate hate speech (sending it underground) -- not eradicate it.

Wilhelm, are you looking for another picture-hosting site?  Please let me (and anyone else here interested) know if you find a good one.

Photobucket alternatives for third-party hosted images

By Martin Brinkmann on July 2, 2017 in Internet - Last Update:July 2, 2017


Photobucket disabled the third-party hosting of images functionality of the site recently which had been a part of it for years.


Internet users who used Photobucket for that, that is store their images so that they can embed them on other sites, were asked to pay $399 per year, or $39.99 per month, to reactivate the functionality.


This was done with barely any advanced warning that this would happen, and the replacing of all images on third-party sites with a dummy image asking users to become a Plus 500 subscriber to restore the hotlinking functionality.


I'm going to list several Photobucket alternatives in this article that users affected by the move, and Internet users who are looking for reliable image hosting with hotlinking functionality have.


Click on link for full article:

I just set up an account with Imgur, as that seems to be the site that everyone recommends. For my test run, I thought the CEO of Photobucket deserved the honor.

I guess Nephele will have to upload all of her nudes to Imgur.



Currently, I'm hot for The Dead South.  I posted one of their music videos in the songs topic:


Didn't care much for their names, tho'.  So I improved on them with anagrams. :)


When I first read the names , I swore it said Ellington Condom Trips...

I could just hear a female fan , saying :

"Is that a tube of Pringles in your pocket , or are you just glad to see me" ?

LOL!  I'm still getting used to Imgur.  I was disappointed that my Dead South meme came out so tiny.  I must be doing something wrong. 

I told you not to mess with that voodoo queen in

New Orleans

We are lucky all she shrunk was our picture



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