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I am doing some research into the  manifestation of thought forms by use of darker magic for retribution and have been told of a ritual whereby a wax `poppet`  is physically given birth to by the Witch who wishes to create a thought form for retribution.

This thought form is then given a set term of existence while the Witches aims are fulfilled, then it is ritually `killed`.

Has anyone ever come across this form of magic, or heard of it being used?

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Game of thrones episode, bit slow to start, before we get there -

Thanks for that Meridian.

Not exactly what I heard  the ritual to be, the Witch creates the wax poppet, inserts it and then `births ` the thought form, but appreciate the link and suggestion.


If you aren't familiar with Paul Huson, he covers some of this territory in

Thank you for that Dave Pellani.!_(1967_film)

Read references to this in other books.

Thanks for that link, will take a look, appreciated.

Yes! This is merely a variation of the well-known method of creating an artificial elemental! This methodology is neutral and can be used for both positive or negative ends! The method described is extremely simplistic and not very powerful. For a good discussion of the methodology see The Key to the true Qabbalah by Franz Bardon. Readers wishing to use the methods herein described are warned that they should complete the work of his first and second volumes before attempting the more complex material of his third volume!

Thats great info cluthin drew, appreciate your input.


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