The Social Network for the Occult Community This video will explain everything about my path (:

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Interesting. Thank you for sharing

No problem (: 

I did , but she was hanging out with Rev. Bob Dobbs ,

and Malaclypse the Younger , and had no real time for


Let alone , she and the Corps , were juggling Golden Apples...

However , Sigismundo , and his descendant Hagbard , and I ,

were smoking it up with Robert Anton Wilson , and Hakim Bey ,

talking about TAZ , and Intelligence Agents , and giggling about

the final secret of the Illuminati , when Leary dropped by...;)

Nice video , Amber...

The woman has a lotta fun...and has her own cosmology ,

and magic rituals , let alone has constructed her book of

shadows , and magical "weapons"...

Liked it !

Thanks (: I did too.


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