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Post Here Only If You Can Resist Talking About Trump For 100 Days

Oh Gods Help Us !,420x415,f8f8f8-pad,420x460,f8f8f8.u3.jpg

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I saw...

You and Katey...

However , if somehow you two can petition

the Kitten Kaboodle , the great goddess of

all , for not only arguing about the one who

can not be named , elsewhere on this forum ,

yet more , Nephele , dragging the nameslime

into this thread , like some antediluvian slug ,

who leaves a trail of undesired anxiety , chaos ,

and migraineal madness wherever he goes , like

some Lovecraftian gibbering Old One , haunting

the outer reaches of everyone's inner consciousness ,

just because he can , and wants to like some whining

baby addicted to tweeting like some are addicted to meth ,

making things up in layers , to cover up his cover ups , and

teaching from some bully pulpit the tender souls of a nation

that that is the way to do his daily business , like some twisted

thinker on a ceramic altar , though gilded with the gold attained

by deeds denied , by alternative factoids emanating like gasses

from the nether regions of subterranean caverns , burning like the

coal fires he seeks to light across a nation , seeking the solace of solar

power , to cloud the issues by denial of cronies' collusive behavior to utilize

fouled air and putrid water to further keep the people in a state of dependence

on the remains of outdated dinosaurs , like he is , wanting to be a god of war and

indulgence in one's whims and fancies , even against the cooperative will of the people

who are still left in a fog of disbelief in a slippage sideways , into some alternate universe ,

where the fires of some religious hell , wait for any who are not true believers to his cause ,

and the goddess media , is whipped by verbage and chained outside the temple , denied the

information she seeks to feed the people , who await and prepare , and pray for some savior...

Oh , my Goddess ! Gods Help Us ! You Now Have Me Doing It !

Oh , Great Goddess Kitten Kaboodle , please forgive thy child who has sinned...

Lead me through the labyrinth by this golden thread...and help me , and mine ,

find the way to again be in thy good graces...( bangs head on floor three times

in penance for this violation of thy decree , not to speak of the one not named )...

Forgive Us !

...;)...LOL !

But but but-he who's not to be named i didnt post here LOL. Theres always loopholes.Plus I want credit for not even bringing the subject i while I am in chat.  Argument no there wasnt one. Except for the one i just typed. Have a great weekend. :D.

Your Petition For Credit Is Duly Noted My Daughter

And Your Chattiness Less His Name

Is Hereby Acknowledged

Would You Like Bonus Points

Supersized With This Decree ?

If So Please Donate Three Bitcoins

To Your Nearest Cat Shelter

May Your Weekend Be The Cat's Meow

Pampered And Cuddled By The Universe

Feedback Loopholes Included

Ka - Ching !

No need for bonus points. I will donate some cat food to local shelter all the same :D.

The Kitten Kaboodle Or Pussy Goddess

Deigns To Agree You May Include Thedavera

In Your Practice To Counter Your Claim You Lost

And The Pussy Goddess Asks You To Remind Those Who Have

Forgotten In Their Patriarchal Impotence

Of The Sacred Texts

Of The Vagina Monologues

And The Theme Song Of Our Time

Who? LOL.

My math sucks. When will it be 100 days? j/k

Stupid is as stupid does. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

If You Mention The Name Of He Who  Must Not Be Named

This Guy Has Made It Clear

Thinking About Anything But That


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