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Post Here Only If You Can Resist Talking About Trump For 100 Days

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Yes, the Hebrew word חיים (chayim) literally means "life," but can also mean "living," depending on the context of its use in scripture.  The Hebrew word חי (chai) literally means "living" and, by association, "life."  It's also important to note that "chayim" is the masculine plural form of "chai."

Ah , true then...

I was not thinking of the "im" at

the end of the word , being masculine...

Long day...;)

So , Chai , became Chay + im...( I and Y being both Yod )

Like "Eloha" , and "Elohim"...( Eloha being really "ALHIM" )

( my Tradition says , regarding this , many gods

from one goddess , or a feminine source... )

Language is so interesting , and there are always

exceptions to the "rules"...

( let alone , if you get mixed up , you might do it Temurah )

( not today )...;)

So , for the day ;

In the encyclopedia , it is given a value , though

it is generally not pronounced...

The word in Hebrew , for "To , Toward , To Thee" ,

is "Alik" , spelled Aleph - Lamed - Yod - Kaph...

Value is 61 , numerically...

Put together with Chayim , "Alik Chayim" , with

a value of 129...which is the number value for

the word for delight , or pleasure...

So , in wishing you that , I offer you the blended

version of the two words..."L'chim" !

Have a great day , and thanks !

Back atcha, Shawn.  A gut'n tog!

I third the motion. 

countdown-3...LOL. dont worry i am also leaving political stuff out of the chat room for the sake of peace. Blessings.

Third month , is it ?

I have not even been thinking about it...

Once an asshole lying , whining b**ch , he always

will be...why care about know ?

He will not get the respect of me calling him by name...

Not worth it...;)

:D .

You wont get an argument from me there. 


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