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Hi Shawn-is there any word about repairing the dam yet?

I was wondering that, too.  Also, Katey, did all your snow melt yet? 

Thanks for asking...

Overflow channel being worked on...

Water down 50 feet...dam is currently fine...

Still it is San Jose flooding and being threatened...

Santa Cruz mountains , as well...

Land just keeps falling in ( sinkholes ) , flooding , or washing away...

Sheesh...years of drought...years...and now *this*...

But of course , you know ?

And both of you ?

How's the snow ?

Our snow is just about all melted away here.  Can't say anything is plaguing New York right now.  Unless you count Milo Yiannopoulos' stupid, attention-whoring, phony apologetic press conference that he held downtown today. :p

A few prayers to Mother Nature and Old Man winter seems to relenting a wee bit. Two warm days but not much melting. Snow is above my head still in the yard. Hope it lasts for a few more days, 

LMAO-No.I will see you in did warm up the last two days but maybe a hair at most melted. Its been nice to have 2 warm days in a row. Thanks for asking I will try to keep my sunny usual self going :D.

Snow removal in Maine....

I forgot that you're in Maine, too, Bree!  That's too much snow!!

Hubby was trying to move snow but he found himself on top of a huge snowbank. We have waaay to much of that white stuff.... B

You could make a snow fort!  Cool!


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