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Post Here Only If You Can Resist Talking About Trump For 100 Days

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I ditto my own statement , after you , and yours...:)

However , according to the Cabalistic encyclopedia ,

the reporter is wrong , and my statement holds...

Perhaps this is one of the examples of the difference

between Hasidic  tradition , and those who study every

day , with gematria , and the general populace...

I really don't know the reason for the difference...

I am just going by the Cabalistic encyclopedia...:)

Perhaps you can find something that shows Chai

means life , in a reference book ?

I always do love to learn something new...

Thanks !

Ah , true then...

I was not thinking of the "im" at

the end of the word , being masculine...

Long day...;)

So , Chai , became Chay + im...( I and Y being both Yod )

Like "Eloha" , and "Elohim"...( Eloha being really "ALHIM" )

( my Tradition says , regarding this , many gods

from one goddess , or a feminine source... )

Language is so interesting , and there are always

exceptions to the "rules"...

( let alone , if you get mixed up , you might do it Temurah )

( not today )...;)

So , for the day ;

In the encyclopedia , it is given a value , though

it is generally not pronounced...

The word in Hebrew , for "To , Toward , To Thee" ,

is "Alik" , spelled Aleph - Lamed - Yod - Kaph...

Value is 61 , numerically...

Put together with Chayim , "Alik Chayim" , with

a value of 129...which is the number value for

the word for delight , or pleasure...

So , in wishing you that , I offer you the blended

version of the two words..."L'chim" !

Have a great day , and thanks !

I third the motion. 

countdown-3...LOL. dont worry i am also leaving political stuff out of the chat room for the sake of peace. Blessings.

Third month , is it ?

I have not even been thinking about it...

Once an asshole lying , whining b**ch , he always

will be...why care about know ?

He will not get the respect of me calling him by name...

Not worth it...;)

:D .

You wont get an argument from me there. 


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