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I give honor to you all and may knowledge become known. Ithink the most important person in any ones life is your own self. I praise my spirit every nigh to strengthen and encourage and take care of this body to the best of my ability. Anything else comes after me..I've been told I was wrong for exalting my own spirit first..what does PaganSpace think?-BayonDaevu

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In virtually every religion I have researched into, it has been either stated or implied that we are all of us essentially slivers of God, sparks of the Divine Light, et cetera. Although I do not ascribe to religion, I find some of the philosophies rather beautiful...One case in point would be the Hindu religion, which states:

"Brahma breathed himself out into the Universe to experience life on myriad planes..." Which strongly implies that we are those pieces of Brahma sent out to experience Life.

Another would be from Zoroastrianism, wherein Zoroaster identifies the "Seven Elements of Man", the seventh of which is "...the Soul from God". Again the strong implication that we are pieces of God.

And another, from the Christian religion... from the book of John wherein Jesus states to the Pharisees " not written in Your Law that we are Gods?". (Keeping in mind that multiple religions pre-date the Christian religion, this would seem to make sense that "their law" would state a similar philosophy to others).

The point to my statements and quotations... it is perfectly acceptable to exalt ones own Spirit as it is a shard, sliver, or spark of the Godhead sent to experience life only to return eventually to its source in due time. Exalt the Spirit, but as per Thoth in his Emerald Tablets: "Exalt not thine heart above others' lest it be brought lower than the dust". In other words, not one of us is either better or worse than the other as we all share a common Source.

It is the force of your spirit which sends forth energy during ceremony, ritual and prayer.  It is your spirit that the unseen responds to, not the words you speak nor the tools you use.  It is you.  If you do not honor you and hold yourself up, spirit will not hear you. 

Heathenism agrees with you, as long as you don't stray into the realm of false pride.  In heathenism it's understood that one can an very possibly will be called on their claims.  Either by others of their community or by the gods themselves.  So it's not a wise idea to claim anything you aren't actually capable of.  But of those things you ARE capable of, glory in it, you've earned it.


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