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I believe that at the moment I need affection, the lack of affection is interfering with a lot of things in my life. Even causing me emotional problems.

I’m looking for a prayer that is for those who feel they need to be loved, to receive affection, but not from a person, from the deity him/herself. And I would like to know which deity would be more interested on what I’m asking.

I know that all Gods and Goddesses love those who worship them, but there’s always a deity that will be more interested depending on what you want even though there’s more than one that would answer you, let’s say for instance if you are looking for the love of your life Afrodite would be a better choice than The Great Goddess. What if I’m looking for friendship, to be loved and to receive affection, who should I pray to? And with what prayer?

Forgive if this question sounds stupid, I'm still a beginner.

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I honestly doubt the Gods personally interact with mortals. More often than not - it's usually a thought-form posing as the deity or at best an emissary of the deity.

You can invoke particular energy of a deity though. If your patron deity is Zeus - you can invoke the energies of Jupiter. 


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