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I have never studied abroad before and wonder what are some of the things I should start doing before my trip.


Thank you for any and all advice!


~Blessed Be~

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Hello there, tis an obvious question, but is it Dublin, Ireland your planning to study?? I live in Limerick, but have some knowledge of Trinity Collage, and vast knowledge of the University of Limerick as well as good local knowledge :)
I have a choice b/w Dublin, Galway, and Maynooth, but these are only a few they pointed out. Anything would be great. whether it is customs, or people, or schools.
Oh...Galway!! Its amazing!! The city, the collage and the people, and you can find a lot out on line!! My neighbors son goes to Galway...if you like, I would be more than happy to get a few links for you to look at!!
I would be totally greatful. yay!
Not a bother Anna, he'll be home for the weekend, friend request on the way to make communicating easier :)

Check out St. Andrews beaches. Enjoy, and be prepared for some of the worlds' nicest hosts. BB, AJS
awesome, thank you!


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