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If you were to grade our President Obama,what would you give him so far? I believe he has a passion fo bringing the World together,is he trying to please too many folk too soon? Is he right on? The French seemed to accept him. I'd give him a B.....What about you? Seems he has great family values.......He didnt drink wine in France,pleasing who? A message to who? Thoughts?

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I'd give him a solid 'C.' He's helped us make some big strides in human rights (I wish we'd go further-I still can't get married), but there is still a lot of imbalance in the system (I don't agree with the way welfare works currently; not a bad thing, just think it could be better.) Economically, I think he's probably done the best with what he has to work with, even if I wish there was another way (I'd have liked to see us NOT bail out all those corporate fools, let 'em fall apart; allowing newer and more progressive companies or industries rise up.) And I don't think he handles foreign policy all that well - BUT there's a lot about it that I don't know about too. And the GiANt caveat to the whole thing: He cannot directly enact 'change.' That job is for congress (the Legislative branch); they make the rules! Maybe we should grade them more often...

good points JAYSON! Do you think he will get reelected,give him more time to figure it out?

a for him as a person b+ because hes getting things done or at least trying to. but then agian all presidents are puppets, but i fully support obama.

Well Im not one to say what needs to be done or how something should work. But i do know that the economy has gotten much worse in the recent years. Idk how to run a country but thats not my place to its the president. Our military is withdrawing but it isnt proven by our economic status. So who knows, theres a good president out there somewhere but its not Obama

latest polls show there are MORE jobs and unmemployment in most states has improved.....I would assume that is a sign the economy is getting better,however,wow on the price of gas......

Obama was a piece of shit when he entered the race in 2007 and he hasn't changed a bit.  But then again he is a Democrat, they are like that.  Democrats are corrupt, thieving, parasitic, control freak citizens who elect corrupt, thieving, parasitic, control freak politicians.   


dem or rep. it's really all the same. there is  no 2 party system. if there ever really was.

what other parties do you feel make a major differences,then,though? Seemsthat the ONLY ones with a say are those two.

no reply? Mayhaps in a bit......


They've done a pretty good job of keeping 3rd parties out of office by requiring them to get huge amounts of signatures just to get on the ballot. Any money raised goes for signature drives & leaves very little for actual campaigning. So, yea, they're the only two with a say & they're doing their best to make sure it stays that way.

My take on it too,why I asked about the comment stating "Not a 2 party system?"


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