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I hope everyone can be civil in their responses, I don't want to upset people but I have a genuine curiosity and I think my views on this topic are a little different from most Pagans.

Here is my question. I myself would never presume to tell another person what was right for them as far as their own reproduction, however I myself am pro-life. I never can resolve things in my head to where I think that abortion is not destroying a unique and precious life, even if it belongs to someone you haven't met yet and isn't fully grown.


Does this make me pro-life or pro-choice or something else and are their other Pagans like me who think this way? I have been yelled at from people on both sides of the debate wanting me to side with them, but I cannot. So here I am asking for respectful opinions. Thanks.

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As long as you do not try to impose your opinion on others, I have no problem with you being pro life, and I think that's what you're saying you are. As I have said before, if you don't believe in abortion, then don't have one. If you don't believe in same-sex marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. But do not impose YOUR will on anyone. You don't seem to be doing that, so you're just expressing your opinion. It's all good...

That is exactly my conundrum lol the poster above you says I qualify as pro-life but you make an argument for pro-choice. I think my problem with choosing is that I am pro-life, but your argument for pro-choice applies. I just don't want to imply the wrong thing by slapping a label on it. Seems like if I say pro-choice people assume that I myself would have an abortion or would not have issues with someone I love having one. Obviously it isn't my choice to make, but if say my SIL had an abortion that would affect me and I would be saddened but I wouldn't tell her not to do it... Does any of this make sense?

I guess what I mean is when you say pro-choice people assume you are pro-abortion, which I am not. How do you clarify that without a huge explanation?

That doesn't make much sense.


Pro-choice is allowing others to do as they choose when it comes to abortion. You can personally be against abortion for yourself, but because you allow people to choose, you are pro-choice. Pro-life is not allowing others to choose what they want at all.



That's ridiculous. Pro choice is for choice, plain and simple. I'm not pro abortion. I don't think abortion is a simple procedure and we should all go out and get one. Abortion is a decision that girls and women usually agonize over. It doesn't mean they are happy they're going to do it.

Pro choice does NOT mean you are all for an abortion!


I am pro choice but i don't stand on a street corner and scream "GIRLS! WOMEN! GO GET AN ABORTION!"


Pro-choice means that you realize abortion is a PERSONAL decision that should be left up the the girl/woman who is considering such a treatment!


I don't know where YOU got that idea, but hey, now you know.


Don't support ignorance.



I think overall the issue would be more appropriately handled if people kept their stance on the issue within their own families, and left it to others to do the same thing within their own families. If someone wants to have one or not, then great, make that a personal choice and let others make the choice that they feel is right for them. If an individual thinks that there should be rules or exceptions that should apply to having or not having one, then great, let that apply to that individual person, and leave it at that. 

actually viability is 21-22 weeks. That's the middle of the 2nd trimester.

Its very low. And Its 22 weeks, not 21 sorry. At 22 weeks its very low. One chart I read said 10%. But still I think if for health reasons I had to stop being pregnant at 22 weeks I would choose to deliver rather than abort. Basically once the lungs develop the Dr.s can have something to work from. That's around 21 to 22 weeks. It doesn't of course guarantee survival, but I would prefer to take the shot. A friend who just lost her baby delivered at 22 weeks and she (the baby) only survived 12 days. Here is what the American Academy of pediatrics says

So what I am getting from this is that I am personally pro-life but pro-choice regarding everyone else.... right?

Pretty much, i guess.



If you wouldn't try to make that choice for someone else, then you could probably be considered pro-choice.  I'm definatly pro-choice, but I could never, myself, have an abortion.  My justifications for not ever thinking I would do it are my own and I know that other women's reasons for deciding to do it are their own and I respect that.


I'm the same way. I would never have an abortion, but I don't presume to know another's mind, heart, or situation. I don't believe I have the right to make such a life altering decision for them.


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