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I hope everyone can be civil in their responses, I don't want to upset people but I have a genuine curiosity and I think my views on this topic are a little different from most Pagans.

Here is my question. I myself would never presume to tell another person what was right for them as far as their own reproduction, however I myself am pro-life. I never can resolve things in my head to where I think that abortion is not destroying a unique and precious life, even if it belongs to someone you haven't met yet and isn't fully grown.


Does this make me pro-life or pro-choice or something else and are their other Pagans like me who think this way? I have been yelled at from people on both sides of the debate wanting me to side with them, but I cannot. So here I am asking for respectful opinions. Thanks.

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i am pro choice, but i myself would never have an abortion, i think it would be the same as you. but the term it pro choice. bc of what teller of ghost stories said...


another way of thinking of it is... its a political thing. pro choice means u think people should be able to decide for themselves, even if u yourself wouldnt ever do it. pro life means its illegal no matter what, to everyone. that fourteen year old rape victim who is not ready for motherhood? sure she can give it up for adoption but she's going to go through 9 and a half months of pregnancy, plus labor. a giant part of her life she can never get back. plus who knows how much harrassment for being a whore at school and what not.

i just made that up, but its a real scenerio. or what about the mother who as a high chance of dying if she goes through with the pregnancy?

pro-life means no. not to anyone, or any circumstance

Just keep morality out of the motivations for and about legislation, and I'm good.  

I have no problem with people having their own personal opinions about this issue.

Personally, I am pro-choice. To me this means that I will fight tooth and claw to keep the government from removing my right and others' rights to terminating an unwanted pregnancy. I believe that an unwanted child is the worst possible thing. It is bad for everyone involved--the mother, the father and most of all the child. But I will not use abortion as a means of birth control.


I have not had an abortion, but if an accident were to occur, I would end the pregnancy on the grounds that I cannot financially or mentally support a second child in my life. I would be miserable and it would show in my parenting and wreck our lives and the tax-payers would be baring the burden of feeding the child. Instead, I use birth control as a means of birth control. My fiancee has had a vasectomy. The whole idea is prevent an unwanted pregnancy from happening in the first place.


I can tell that you do not impose your ideals onto other people. I greatly respect that. I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads "If you're against abortion, then don't have one!". Very logical in my opinion. You are opposed to abortion, so you personally will not have one should you become pregnant at an awkward or hardship-stricken time in your life. That is your choice and you have voiced it very honorably.

@ braith


They start caring again once the kid is old enough to join the military. LOL

Actually you are closer to the definition of Pro-Choice, I refuse to use the term Pro-Life, instead, I simply say they are Anti-Choice.  You have made a choice that if you became pregnant, it would be your choice to carry to term, that is what choice is all about the ability to make that informed decision.
I like your anti-choice comment, that is a much more accurate way to explain the opinion  of most "pro-lifers"
Anti-choice, I like. Stealing it by the way.
You can't steal which is given away freely-Ha so there!
I am pro-choice myself. As long as you don't shove your way down my throat or call me a flying monkey for what I believe then I'm fine :D
It sounds like your pro-choice but personally you would not have an abortion. the fact that you think it ok for a women to choose or not choose too have your baby if they are pregnant means you are pro-choice. living in the USA I feel this is a personal choice one should get a chance to make. I personally don't believe a life is a life till it breaths it's first breath on it's own and makes it's own choice....To choose to eat or not to eat, choose to cry or not cry. basically what i am saying it's insignificant in my eyes till it make choices in it's own life after it takes it first breath. the fact that it makes a choice means to me it has received a soul and has a personality.
Abortion is an issue I've always had mixed feelings on. I can understand the positions of both sides of the debate.

I do think abortion should stay legal. If the mother's life is in danger that should be obvious, nor should she have to have the burden of carrying the child of a man who raped her. Besides, like anything else the government bans it'll not decrease demand but simply drive it underground, thus we have the back alley abortions, not to mention many abandoned and abused children who don't live a good long life anyway.

However, I will say that I have a very low opinion of people who use abortion just as a means of birth control. It really says something about your character if you're willing to terminate your own offspring just because they're "inconvenient" and you want to escape responsibility for your actions. I'm not going to try to impose my priciples on others, but that's how I see it and I make no apologies for it.
I agree with your last paragraph, but I would still rather not see very irresponsible parents with kids that they are not likely to take care of properly. I don't think that kids should be punished by being raised by irresponsible parents with no concern for discretion. In a way, it is actually MORE responsible to use abortion as birth control, rather than have kids indiscriminately, that would grow up with unfit parents. Technically that way, less people are significantly harmed, though the idea is still horrible.


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