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I've had prophetic dreams before. a while back about 5 years ago i lived in Michigan than. i know that not all prophetic dreams are 100% accurate but parts of the dream were amazingly accurate. okay here's the dream i was walking in high waters down the streets and power lines were down everywhere. the next day it rained all day and all night and the following day Pontiac flooded and high winds brought the power lines down. that dream stayed with me for 5 years what do you all think? 

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I believe in dreams of a premonitory nature. It has happened to me on occasion. Nothing of great meaning to others, just something concerning my own life.

Ive had mild premonition dreams about myself.

Not uncommon at all, but it varies with the individual, some having repeated frequent prophetic dreams.

In the event that unpleasant dreams become too frequent, There is a way to control the unpleasant nature of dreams, very simple to do that. That makes dreaming much more inviting and interesting.

I've experienced similar dreams, locations or snippets of conversations in dreams which actually happen later. It happened long before I actually opened myself up to the possibility of magick late last year, all my life really. I'd dismiss it in the past as something odd but coincidental. The funny thing is it's always something very ordinary, no premonitions of significance just an everyday conversation or a place I had never been before or seen in my life and nothing really happens there but hey there it is. I suppose it wouldn't be how one would expect, the human ego almost demands that it be something fantastic but reality doesn't always coincide with our expectations. Still, I wonder if I might not be able to sharpen this a bit so to speak, as I learn more. I suspect so. But dreams have consequently always been a particular fascination of mine even before I started to practice magick.


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