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( this is a lil spell that I have used in the past & has worked 4 me )

Mirror Box Protection
6 square mirrors
transparent tape
Something that will either
give u a psychic link 2 urself,
or some1 else.

1. If u know the attacker - use tape 2 form mirrors into a box, so that the
reflecting sides face each other & the matte sides face outward. get some Psychic link
to the attacker - perhaps a photograph, sample of their handwriting or a tissue he/she
has blown their nose on. Put that Psychic link in the box, close it up, and say these words:
"You SOB! Starting today, whatever you send out is going 2 be reflected back into you. If you
have harmful intent toward me or anyone alse, it will come back 2 you and you'll be sorry."

2. If you don't know the attacker - but think someone is sending harmful intent
toward you - use tape 2 form the box with the matte sides facing inwards & the
reflecting side outward. Put into the box a Psychic link 2 urself. ( piece of hair does
great ) and close the lid, say these words: " I am protected. Anything sent toward me will
bounce right back to the attacker, and he'll be sorry. "

( In this spell you harm no one. The person doing the attacking harms him/herself
when you magically reflect their negativitty back on themselves. )

I hope u enjoy this spell I know I have Blessed Be

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OOpsie my spell really isnt a discussion mor o i guess a blog sorry all. can comment on it tho & give ur opinion of course. Blessed Be
Sounds like this spell is in VIOLATION OF THE WICCAN REDE!! Protection is one thing, this is more than protection. This has a very good chance of HARMING SOMEONE!
Is She wiccan? Even if Wiccan she may not adhere to the Wiccan Rede. She's doing reflective magics.. There is nothing wrong with this spell IMHO...
I don't necessarily see it as a violation of the Rede...but it does sound like whoever wrote it was angry at the time. Personally, that's not the energy I'd want to be putting into anything.
OMG!!11! We wouldn't want to do that, would we?

Personally, I don't see how sending back what someone sent to you violates the Rede: "An it harm none, do as ye will; an it harm some, do as ye must." Sounds more like having another person deal with his or her own hostility instead of taking it like a good little whelp.

Besides, I can think of several ways to deal with such an incident that would be sure to cause harm, and they don't take nearly so cautious an approach.

1) IS the OP Wiccan?  If not then the Rede doesn't apply at all.

2) There is NO LINE in the Rede that says "don't harm".  It just tells you that you can go ahead if no harm is caused.  I says nothing about what to do if harm IS caused.  That's the lovely thing about the Rede, it gives the reader credit for a functioning brain.

3) Rede means "advice" not "law".  So even if the spell DID contravene the Rede that doesn't really amount to anything.

I know some one who did this. It worked too, to my complete amazement.

The trick I was told is assembling the box in a dark place, under a cloth; then bury the box.

I'm not so keen on the second version, but the first makes good sense.  I've used similar spells before to great effect.  Some where very temporary (need to make it through dinner with out reaching across the table and throttling the idiot) and others were years in duration.


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