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What are they?  Do they exist?  What is your opinion and/or definition of them?

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If I didn't have a headache already...

You should know that is not what I meant.  But its like changing the term pagan.  How do you do if there is no way to reach the millions of pagans out there.  It would be only changing the definition for yourself otherwise which is utterly useless if you plan on communicating with others.

Vig, I am way too tired to get into a semantics argument, so forgive me that I have not the endurance to do it now. 

Look at Witch (still a work in progress). Another example is "gay."  It's not up to any one group or site, it's up to people talking to other people.  It takes time, but it does happen.

Touche.  I guess I've just always thought of it as a term belonging to one community and honestly that is due to years of self-conditioning on my part. 

I would call them users,myself......and if they cant zap one person's energies,they move on.....

I believe there are such people floating about.

I've witnessed individuals who enter a room and literally suck the life out of the party.

I've been exposed to different people who've left em feeling drained.

Yes, i do believe there's something to this.

ME TOO!! USERS and they need to control others,but the key is to see it,get it and avoid such folk.

I don't know but I call my boss an emotional vampire.  He literally on purpose drains me of all positive emotion.  By the end of almost every day I am so drained from putting up with him.  He does it on purpose, I know it! I'd quit but he pays me way too good.

THERE are quite a few discussiions on this in the discussion archives......

THOSE are old.  Lol.  I want new ones.

the situation and topic rarely varies or may want to cross reference

I've met some that tend to leave the people around them feeling a bit drained after dealing with them.  Some seem to be unaware of the affect they have on others and some seem to know quite well and thrive on it.  While I have at times referred to or compared the person to a psychic vampire, I don't actually believe it accurately describes what they are.  As was pointed out, they aren't going to wither away and die if they don't get energy.  If anything, it's more of an addiction on their part, they need to get that rush from the energy of others.

I stay the hell away from these too,they can be here,the contiunual negative,jagged around the edges people.......


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