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When I was a kid I connected easily with spirits, I wouldn't say I was a medium by any means but along with that I also would get deja vu very frequently, I would dream of future events here and there. I personally believe that we are all capable of Psychicism and Mediumship but it takes a lot of hard work to really get in tune.


When I got older I kind of lost that ability, I no longer get deja vu like I use to, I can't feel when I'm near spirits as well as I use to be able to and my dreams... I'm lucky if I can remember them. I feel like I don't dream any more in all honesty. 


This post is for a few different reasons. One I want to hone in on my past abilities I want to experience and perceive the way once was able to (if not better) and I'd like your opinions on how someone can get better in this skill. What practices could someone do, books, activities etc... Two because I'm genuinely curious as to your opinion, do you think its something people are born with or worked upon, if you think its a born ability why? If you think its worked up, do you try to refine this skill? 

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lol Twi, but you are entering the realm of troll logics here.


However I agree with your implication that if the super powerz were actually real, the army would have 'made appointments' with the individuals who claimed to have them. There is nothing that the military won't use.

Actually Twi it started in the 70's. It also continues today. It all started when a kentic psychic in Russia was taped moving match boxes with your ability.  You know how us americans don't want to be out done. Then the "oh they are going to get us" bunch in the military decided to start this little program. Of course it has grown up a lot sense the beginning and it's all very hush, hush.

Now how do I know this, well the russian lady is common knowledge for those who wish to look it up. The rest, well lets just say I wasn't always married and they just now got rid of DADT in the service, and no I won't tell you her name. Do have a wife now ya

I never said that the army wasn't a weapon did I?

Then I hope that the psychics in the army are gonna be proof enough for the non-believers to hopefully change their perspective, even if it's in the slightest :)

It's both.  A talent one is born with but to be useful it must be practised and honed.  Without regular and intentional use, it's easy to lose it.  Being born with this doesn't change that.  It's like a muscle.  We're all born with muscles but to do really cool things with our bodies we have work hard to condition it.

If you really want this it will come your way if you put in some effort. Natural abilities are still learned abilities, they just come faster to some. Just pick a system and follow the methods they always produce results. If I could suggest the magical mirror as a way to begin. Banish your working area and call the spirits that are active at that time. When the moon is in for example one of the water signs cancer or scorpio invoke the spirits of water by the ritual of the pentagtam. Then cast your circle and sit down in front of the mirror and say in the Name of EL I ( your name ) call forth the spirits of water and wait. They will be all around you but you won't see them. Then look into the mirror and in time you will begin to see them. Then you can begin to comunicate, which way is up to you.

While the other kids are bickering back and forth, I'll offer this suggestion: To increase your "Psychic" abilities or Gifts, the first thing to do is to take stock of your self and your surroundings. The less clutter, inside and out, the easier the energy flow will be. 

If you would like to know more, send a message with the friend approval.

Brightest Blessings, Love and Light     ShamanRon

everyone is sensitive but you may need to practice in order to increase your acuity

I think you can learn to develop the skills, and that we're born with the ability to do so.

I Personally think you can develp Psychic Skills.

There are many books in the subject now if you mean the paranormal I think that is a gift but it too can be developed with a lot of patience.

Telekinesis, Telepathy, Seeing the future & the past etc yes you can get yourself in tune and learn it takes a lot of patience.

I also believe in Energy a. Read Betty Shines book Mind Magic.

And what about the Law of attraction has anyone else read The Secret & seen the Film?

Take a look at the Secret Trailer of the film link below:


I would be interested in your opinions.



wow, there was a lot of animosity in this forum. I can now see why people may avoid talking about this subject. This topic seems to be hotter than both religion and politics because of the polarity and dichotomy evidenced here. Someone did a pretty good job of cleaning this up after, but there are still tell-a-tale remnants hanging about. Glad I missed out on this boat.


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