Hello everyone,

I hope this is not the wrong place for this. I did a rune reading for myself basically asking what is blocking me from fully awakening my third eye/light body and my spiritual "gifts"/powers and what should I do to fix this? The reason I asked was because I went with a time where it was open for a bit then it closed down. It comes and goes basically. The runes I got from the reading I was not able to put together and I thought maybe someone more advanced or experienced could give some insight hopefully. Here are the runes in order from the Elder Futhark Runes set:

Inwaz (XX) but it was sideways

Y shaped Algia upside down or reversed

The symbol of the arrow Tiwaz but facing in the right direction when looking at it

The H symbol Hagalaz but right side up

and the F Fehu symbol right side up

Thank you and I hope someone can help.

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Can't read runes, can do Tarot. I gave three cards a shot for you. This is what I got. 5 of swords. Reversed. Peace has returned in your world, but for some reason your still feeling victimized. Death. You have experienced a change or rebirth in your life. Wheel of Fortune you are at a new beginning in your life. Things are in your favor but you feel lack of control. In a nutshell you lost trust in your own abilities. You still have them, you just need to give yourself a break and have faith in you. Hope this helps


Thank you very much! You did not have to go through that trouble, but you are very much appreciated! This gives me great and accurate insight as well. Thank you for letting me know.

Your very welcome.  Its pretty cool that the Tarot and runes are similar in a reading for you.  I think I'll pick up some runes, try a little research.... and see if they have any draw for me.  I attempted I Ching with poor results, and fell asleep looking into a crystal ball, LOL  I've always stuck with Tarot for magic and divination.  You obviously have a calling to runes, you should so stick with it.  Good Luck.  

The problem with interpreting such a 'reading' is that I'm used to  assigning each rune an aspect. Why did you draw the number of runes that you did?

That being said/asked...I'll give it a shot. Inguz can act as a transformational 'portal' or even be symbolic of the ritual circle and can indicate a spiritual transition or even a 'dark night of the soul'. The upside down Algiz may be interpreted as 'death' and is symbolic of Yggdrasill, the tree of life with its roots reaching down into the earth. Tiewaz is associated with the warrior and specifically death in battle. (yes, this can relate to the spiritual transformation.) Hagalaz is Hail...the ice from the sky that scours the fields clean of their crops, that wipes the earth clean so a new start can begin. Fehu, of course, is abundance on many levels. My interpretation is that your 'answer' is that your third eye is blocked/blinded because you're undergoing a spiritual death/transformation. Once the 'hail' is passed, abundance will arrive and your 'eye' will open to clear seeing. (this is off the cuff, so make of it what you will! LOL!)

Thank you so much! The reason why I chose 5 was because those just seemed to want to be picked up so I went ahead and trusted my intuition on that. This does give me great and accurate insight!

Thanks all! That was very insightful! The reason why I chose 5 was because those just seemed to want to be picked up so I went ahead and trusted my intuition on that.

I get the impression that your Runes are round.  Take a saw and square them up so you have a definite up and down.  Then try again.  

I have the same trouble with Astral Projection.  It is like it is teasing me.  Sometimes it works and most of the time it doesn't.  I can't find a pattern it is just hit of miss, mostly miss.  


The only times I am ever able to astral project is when I am getting ready to go to sleep I always wake up laying on my stomach going out of body. I have done it a few times, but most of the time for some reason I get scared and that blocks it. Other times I try and it just doesn't work.


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