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Hopefully this is a good place for this topic...

How do you guide your meditation when you are deep into it?

There have been a few times I get into that meditative state where it's foggy looking and there is a type of light behind the "fog clouds". I tend to focus on breaking that barrier more than I do the subject of my meditation, so I'm looking for some possible hints on what people have done to get past this state and to somewhere "further".


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I personally use music as a form of guidance. When the beat or the song changes, I focus my attention or energies on another part of my meditation. To help with this, I have actually created play lists for my meditations.

For example; if I have a meditation for self cleansing and purification, I put on my purification play lists and as the music changes, I focus on a different part of my aura to cleanse and strengthen.
Yeah I recently tried out love meditation while in water, normally I just would have music that works kind of trance like on me playing. But I tried something different with "love meditation" music and guided music, I might have to play with this further and see if something else works better.

It sounds like you're trying too hard to "do something".

Instead, spend some time thinking about what your perfect place of serenity would be. For me, its near the sea, the crashing of the waves and chirping of birds is completely hypnotic, relaxing, and I can shed all of the worlds pressures in seconds. You don't need a complete picture, just the start of one.

My first impression of complete relaxing serenity is.... ?

Now as you go into a meditative state, drift into that place of complete relaxing serenity. Let your meditation bring out the details, of what exactly you are going to go towards. Spend some weeks or months getting to know your own inner sanctum, safe place, place of serenity, etc... Its all yours, you need to let it be what it is, not try to make it something its not.

Until you can reach this place of serenity, you know it, can feel it, can walk in it, can (for me) wade in its waters (mine has water, yours might not); Until then, don't try to do anything more. You'll know when it is time to go farther, having said that it won't be for .. months, years. Be patient.

Well my place is space personally, I generally put myself between say the moon and the earth while I meditate. I guess what I'm trying to do is to tap into some kind of energy or knowledge from beyond. Don't get me wrong, I completely enjoy when I do get into that state of "fog" but it's like a door... I'm so curious to find out what is behind it.

I suppose all I need to do is just give it time like you say and stay in that state of "no where" and see where it leads me. I'm generally the type of person who goes with the flow but I would like to tap into what I'm trying to achieve.

Thanks for the advice, keep it coming the more suggestions the better. ;)
What kind of feeling does being in space generate? How real is it? This inner sanctum should be so technically real that you could stay there indefinitely feeling, being, holding, existing in reality.

If you take a step, it generates feeling, contact, the surest form of reality is contact, touch.

So what does space feel like?

Well I suppose I wouldn't exactly know what space feels like, but I'd imagine something like being underwater without the pressure.

The reason I use space is because it is solitude (In a sense) and is the unknown to take me somewhere further. Many shamans have used it in the past (And I'm sure the present) to tap into knowledge from beyond.
I think the lack of feeling is why you are finding a barrier, that won't let you past. This place of solitude isn't real, you can't feel it, and those clouds are between you and the real place of serenity. You are in effect holding yourself back.

When you enter your place of serenity, it is real and tangible and touchable. It is believable as a place, you can feel the place. It really is your serene place. And I suspect its right on the other side of those fog clouds you are trying to penetrate.

Makes sense, I think I know what to try next time.



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