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Question regarding healing/protection rituals pre-operation

Hi everyone!

This board hasn't been used in quite some time, but hopefully someone will see...

Does anyone have a favorite healing or protection ritual, helpful calming aid, etc. that they have used before and after surgery? I've never had surgery before and I'll be having a pretty invasive operation soon. I was planning on trying to create a ritual for myself, but if anyone's got input I'd be glad to have it!

I was also considering having an amethyst crystal on me during the operation, and I'd like a candle lit but not sure if that would violate the sterile field. 

Anyone with any experience with this? I'd really appreciate hearing from you! I'm pretty much terrified. :)



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We recently did a healing ritual here for a coven member and since it was just after Imbolc we worked with Brigid. Her symbolism includes healing aspects and it may be beneficial to invoke her before/after. In our ritual we crafted some symbols of healing related to Brigid and blessed them, bringing them to our sister following the surgery.

Hi Oak Song,

Thank you for sharing that...your sister is blessed to have a dedicated coven family to help her in times of need! As a solitary practitioner, I feel I can perform a similar ritual and have my husband bring me the blessed item afterwards. I had thought of incorporating something similar into my own ritual the day before. I normally invoke Cerridwen or Gaia, but we are still not too far removed from Imbolc so I can see the benefit in bringing Brigid into the mix. 

I hope your coven sister has recovered well! Thanks again for replying!

No open flame in operating theater where they may have pure oxygen ready for use.

Put your amethyst in a baggie and they may allow it in the room.  If they put a cap on your head and the surgery is not on your head, you can store it there.

Hi Aurelia,

Thank you for taking the time to reply! I will be able to have the amethyst beforehand, until anesthesia, and then afterwards when I come out. Since I won't be aware of the in-between (at least I sincerely hope not, and shouldn't be...) I think this will help me feel grounded and more comfortable(-ish). I will have it with me when I'm conscious of having it, at least. 


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