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i have a question/theory to present. i am well aware that this might get moved but i still have to ask.  Is it possible that the reason why we have nightmares after reading/watching/listening to scary things is because the creators of said scary things might have on accident(as far as i can guess) created a servitor/thoughtform? 

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I think it's all in one's head, personally.

thank you. this question has been puzzling me for some time now. now i have to ask from the reverse standpoint. if i were to attempt to 'attach' a servitor/thoughtform to one of my poems would it work? is it possible to send things like that though written words alone. i guess this sounds sort of like a taboo of sorts.

I don't think its possible to send messages by written word alone.  I wonder if its subliminal messaging you are referring to.  If it is I think its been banned and apart from advertising I can't see much point.

And I said I didn't think it would work in the written word.   I know he has explained about the servitor, but reading the OP it struck me subliminal messaging might be an option.

Why not he said 'An actual servitor' didn't he?

Yes but unless he explains it in the written word he is not going to find people will look for more than is immediately there.  Its not as straight forward with poetry but its still a stretch.   Attaching an entity as you put it is not an option with the written word or I don't think it is.  What form would this entity take?  an energy, image, what?  

Exactly! and I don't think it will work for the reasons I've already given.  All poetry seeks to move us if its good it doesn't need anything other than the words, and if it is good the reader will form their own picture, colour it in and be certain of the meaning, and for them/us it will be the right meaning, surely that's poetry.

Wilhelm Douai, interesting to get a glimpse into occult practices. My understanding of a Servitor is that it is an animated entity created by magick.
Really like your combo of things idea:

1. meme (by product of epigenome)
2. archetype activation (there are many other ways to manifest - but I really like this one - most activate their archetype on a subconscious level unless they intentionally call it up)
3. self-created (will power, creative power, others powers)
4. media influence - after-effects - ( cycling through our daily perceptions and/or sympathetic response in the form of mirror neurons firing to reciprocate the experience)

I like all four and I think that they combine in a mutual way via the noosphere.

You've most likely already read about the Akashsic Field which is a concept that has an universal approach to energy systems with a bias towards Buddhism.

If the poem is any good it will do that anyway!   What I don't think it will do is supplant any idea the words themselves implant.

I'm still not convinced it would work anyway.

Abilene?   Its the early hours there.  I'm off to walk the dogs.   

Why does it have to be words, Visuals react to the sub-conscious. Basic Advertising>

it keeps getting said that is WAS possible until i asked about it. how exactly does that work? do you already know how to do something until you ask a question about how to do it? i'm not trying to be rude but that sentence doesn't make sense. as to it being said that it isn't possible at all, how so? if you look at modern science technically everything on this site is to be considered fiction. Rose has it mostly correct, my intent is to try to 'attach' a servitor or a thoughtform to one of my horror poems to help increase its impact. I did not realize that by me asking this question i would be starting a fight, which is what like some of this conversation sounded like to me. i was simply curious as to whether or not the fact that when we watch something scary or read something scary and have nightmares afterward, is it possible that the creator of said work unconsciously created the items mentioned above and if so how i would go about doing it. i do thank all of you thought for helping me but if this question is causing problems i will delete it so as to not cause more strife


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