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i have a question/theory to present. i am well aware that this might get moved but i still have to ask.  Is it possible that the reason why we have nightmares after reading/watching/listening to scary things is because the creators of said scary things might have on accident(as far as i can guess) created a servitor/thoughtform? 

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thank you. :D

 Ordinary thought forms only last 28 days unless magickal means are used to keep them active so unless the creators of the stories used some kind of magick the thought forms would not last.  In the case you mention the person who is reading or watching the scary movie or book creates their own scary thought form that can last for up to 28 days after it was created.

Where do you get the 28 day time limit on a thought form? I have not heard this before and am curious.

Sounds to me like Cluthin is referring to a moon cycle timeline...

Yet , what I know , is it has been said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit...

But science found that was not true...

Others have said we have a 33 day mental proof yet...

( but the code I work with seems to confirm that one )

Then , however , taking the two columns of eight symbols each , in the code

as the symbol set to work with for the moment...number value 994...

28 Day = 84

Astral = 310

Thought = 107

Form = 358

Code = 134

= 993

Hmmm...I shall wait for Cluthin's answer...

Perhaps we can drew a clu...;)

There's a good documentary on Netflix about nightmares. It's called "The Nightmares" (2015) and it examines it from the scientific and non-scientific approaches.


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