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There’s a war going on in the American Pagan community. On one side are racists who see gods like Odin and Thor as an embodiment of the supremacy whites have over the rest of the planet. On the other are the practitioners who believe these gods transcend racial lines and belong to everyone. Recently, the contention between these two groups has reached a tipping point as anti-racist Pagans try to claim the narrative around their faith before it is overtaken by alt-right racists.

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"White whine?"

I want some cheese to go with the whine, please.

Should I...should I fart? In this case, I feel that it would actually help the situation. 

In this case, I feel that it would actually help the situation. 

Yes, by all means, brain fart yourself into oblivion.

Are blacks currently used as "currency" by the war victors or not? Were not captured whites not used as currency and a war booty, so to speak, of not just any, but in all wars. Captured human beings have been traded as currency for countless generations.

Grab my belt loop bish or I'll trade you for a pack of smokes :3

Im Scandinavian. Please don´t molest my peoples ancient religion with your universalist nonsense. Asatro was exclusively practiced by Germanic peoples. It is therefor a tribal religion. Odin is not some global God like Jesus. Odin is the God of the Germanic peoples.

You leftwingers need to stop right now.

No one has to stop with opinions on this site , Johnny...

Open forum...( and I am not left or right wing )

However , I have not insulted your religion , nor Asatru , nor Odinic belief...

Just racism , and yes nationalism , wherever it is , on any side of the coin...

"Sock Puppets Are Threatening to Take Over Paganism"

Sorry Johnny, you don't get to tell other people here what to do.  And you certainly don't get to tell Odin what he can and can't do.

"Exclusively practiced by Germanic peoples"

Interesting you say this, because it does not sound like a fact.

What we call "Asatru" now is NOT how they practice centuries ago. It is reconstructionist. There is many things we cannot reproduce in the modern era. So, applying this "ancient" standard to the modern world is a bit strange considering it is not even the same as it was for them. You're not in the "tribe".

*Ashatroughe :)


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